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Park, Hyeng-Joon
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[Journal:] Review of Radical Political Economics [Pages:] 287-309
[This paper is a postprint of an article published by the Review of Radical Political Economics (0486613415594147, first posted on August 20, 2015 as doi:10.1177/0486613415594147, and later published in Volume 42, Number 2, May, pp. 287-309).] This paper aims to transcend current debates on Korea’s post-1997 restructuring, which rely on a dichotomy between domestic industrial capital and foreign financial capital, by adopting Nitzan and Bichler’s capital-as-power perspective. Based on this approach, the paper analyzes Korea’s recent political economic restructuring as the latest phase in the evolution of capitalist power and its transformative regimes of capital accumulation.
differential accumulation
dominant capital
strategic sabotage
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