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2023 Technological Change and Strategic Sabotage: A Capital as Power Analysis of the US Semiconductor BusinessMouré, Christopher
2023 How to Make the Oil Industry Go BustFix, Blair
2022 Have We Passed Peak Capitalism?Fix, Blair
2022 Book Review: Steve Keen: The New Economics: A Manifesto, Polity Press, Cambridge, UK, 2021Bichler, Shimshon; Nitzan, Jonathan
2022 Why Scorsese is Right About Corporate PowerMcMahon, James
2021 The Ritual of CapitalizationFix, Blair
2021 The Great Debt Divergence and its Implications for the Covid-19 Crisis: Mapping Corporate Leverage as PowerBaines, Joseph; Hager, Sandy Brian
2021 The Rise of Human Capital TheoryFix, Blair
2021 'Protein' Industry Convergence and its Implications for Resilient and Equitable Food SystemsHoward, Philip H.; Ajena, Francesco; Yamaoka, Marina; Clarke, Amber
2021 The 1-2-3 Toolbox of Mainstream Economics: Promising Everything, Delivering NothingBichler, Shimshon; Nitzan, Jonathan
2021 Unbridgeable: Why Political Economists Cannot Accept Capital as PowerBichler, Shimshon; Nitzan, Jonathan
2021 Commodity Traders in a Storm: Financialization, Corporate Power and Ecological CrisisBaines, Joseph; Hager, Sandy Brian
2021 Economic Development and the Death of the Free MarketFix, Blair
2021 Redistributing Income Through HierarchyFix, Blair
2020 The Tax Advantage of Big Business: How the Structure of Corporate Taxation Fuels Concentration and InequalityHager, Sandy Brian; Baines, Joseph
2020 Disobedient Things: The Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill and Accounting for DisasterCochrane, David Troy
2020 Unflat Ontology: Essay on the Poverty of Democratic MaterialismKvachev, Vadim
2020 Varieties of Top IncomesHager, Sandy Brian
2019 Energy, Hierarchy and the Origin of InequalityFix, Blair
2019 An Evolutionary Theory of Resource DistributionFix, Blair
Collection's Items (Sorted by Title in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 74