ILE Working Paper Series, Institute of Law and Economics (ILE), University of Hamburg

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2024International Sanctions and EmigrationGutmann, Jerg; Langer, Pascal; Neuenkirch, Matthias
2024Norms among heterogeneous agents: a rational-choice modelZdybel, Karol B.
2024Assessing the Impact of Federalism on Constitutional ComplianceKantorowicz, Jaroslaw; Voigt, Stefan
2024The Social Cost of Blockchain: Externalities, Allocation of Property Rights, and the Role of the LawMartino, Edoardo D; Ringe, W. Georg
2024Political economy of international sanctionsGutmann, Jerg; Neuenkirch, Matthias; Neumeier, Florian
2023Revolution and Economic Growth: Evidence from the Sandinista RevolutionSilano, Filippo
2023Leader Characteristics and Constitutional ComplianceGutmann, Jerg; Metelska-Szaniawska, Katarzyna; Voigt, Stefan
2023Plea bargaining procedures worldwide: Drivers of introduction and usePaolini, Gabriele; Kantorowicz-Reznichenko, Elena; Voigt, Stefan
2023The administratization of criminal convictions worldwide: History, extent, and consequencesPaolini, Gabriele
2023Spontaneous Norms in Law and Economics: A Sketch TypologyZdybel, Karol B.
2023Non-Majoritarian Institutions - A Menace to Constitutional Democracy?Voigt, Stefan
2023Women's Rights and the Gender Migration GapGutmann, Jerg; Marchal, Léa; Simsek, Betül
2023The Nation-State Foundations of Constitutional ComplianceGrajzl, Peter; Gutmann, Jerg; Voigt, Stefan
2023Career paths of Ministry of Finance advisersSilano, Filippo
2023The political economy of finance and regulatory capture: Evidence from the US CongressSilano, Filippo
2023Agency costs in primary dealer systemsSilano, Filippo
2022Revolving doors in government debt managementSilano, Filippo
2022Quantitative analysis of constitutionsGutmann, Jerg; Voigt, Stefan
2022A gate to the world for all? The reaction of neighborhoods in Hamburg to refugee housingsEndrich, Marek
2022Determinant of Social NormsVoigt, Stefan
Collection's Items (Sorted by Title in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 81
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