ILE Working Paper Series, Institute of Law and Economics (ILE), University of Hamburg

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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2018 The rule of law and IslamGutmann, Jerg; Voigt, Stefan
2018 The good tourist, the bad refugee and the ugly German: Xenophobic activities and tourismEndrich, Marek; Michel, Stephan
2018 Economic sanctions and human rights: Quantifying the legal proportionality principleGutmann, Jerg; Neuenkirch, Matthias; Neumeier, Florian; Steinbach, Armin
2018 Coups, Regime Transition, and the Dynamics of Press FreedomBjørnskov, Christian; Freytag, Andreas; Gutmann, Jerg
2018 A Regulatory Sandbox for Robo AdviceRinge, Wolf-Georg; Ruof, Christopher
2018 Determinants of International Arms Control RatificationBrender, Agnes
2018 Islamic constitutions and religious minoritiesGouda, Moamen; Gutmann, Jerg
2018 The Puzzling Long-Term Relationship Between De Jure and De Facto Judicial IndependenceHayo, Bernd; Voigt, Stefan
2017 The Independence of Prosecutors and Government AccountabilityGutmann, Jerg; Voigt, Stefan
2017 Why Adopt a Federal Constitution? And why Decentralize? – Determinants Based on a New DatasetGutmann, Jerg; Voigt, Stefan
2017 Judicial Independence in the EU – A PuzzleGutmann, Jerg; Voigt, Stefan
2017 Joint Use of Liability and Regulation in Environmental LawMichel, Stephan; Romano, Alessandro; Zannini, Ugo
2017 Institutional Choice and Cooperation in Representative Democracies: An Experimental ApproachSchories, Fanny E.
2017 The Myth of Deconsolidation: Rising Liberalism and the Populist ReactionAlexander, Amy C.; Welzel, Christian
2017 Weak vs. Strong Ties: Explaining Early Settlement in WTO DisputesLee, Jiwon; Wittgenstein, Teresa
2017 Sanctioned to Death? The Impact of Economic Sanctions on Life Expectancy and its Gender GapGutmann, Jerg; Neuenkirch, Matthias; Neumeier, Florian
2016 The Rule of Law: Measurement and Deep RootsGutmann, Jerg; Voigt, Stefan
2016 When to expect a coup d’état? An extreme bounds analysis of coup determinantsGassebner, Martin; Gutmann, Jerg; Voigt, Stefan
2016 Precision-Guided or Blunt? The Effects of US Economic Sanctions on Human RightsGutmann, Jerg; Neuenkirch, Matthias; Neumeier, Florian
Collection's Items (Sorted by Title in Descending order): 1 to 19 of 19
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