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di Mauro, Filippo
Anderton, Robert
Ernst, Ekkehard
Maurin, Laurent
Pokutova, Sonia
Melyn, Wim
Jochem, Axel
Pakinezou, N. M.
Torres, Javier
Lecat, Remy
Cassidy, Mark
Tedeschi, Roberto
Walch, Erik
Eggelte, Jurriann
Wagner, Karin
Abreu, Ildeberta
Kinnunen, Helvi
Blattner, Tobias
Santis, Roberto De
Oliveira-Soires, Rodrigo
Shen, Jian-Guang
Sydow, Matthias
Warmedinger, Thomas
Zumer, Tina
Nelissen, Iris
Breda, Emanuelle
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ECB Occasional Paper 30
Chapter 1 provides an overview and assessment of the price competitiveness and export performance of the euro area and the larger euro area countries, as well as an evaluation of how standard equations have been able to explain actual export developments. Chapter 2 carries out a constant market share analysis for the euro area and thereby sheds light on the reasons for movements in aggregate export market shares by looking at the sectoral and geographical composition of euro area exports. Chapter 3 looks at the evolution of the technological competitiveness of the euro area and major competitors – proxied by patenting activity and R&D expenditure – and analyses some structural indicators of competitiveness using survey data. Chapter 4 then looks at the impact of FDI on competitiveness and export performance. Finally, Chapter 5 summarises the main findings of the report, but also critically evaluates their importance and implications.
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Research Report

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