ECB Occasional Paper Series, European Central Bank (ECB)

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2022 The economic impact of next generation EU: A euro area perspectiveBańkowski, Krzysztof; Bouabdallah, Othman; Semeano, João Domingues; Dorrucci, Ettore; Freier, Maximilian; Jacquinot, Pascal; Modery, Wolfgang; Rodríguez Vives, Marta; Valenta, Vilém; Zorell, Nico
2022 Global value chains: Measurement, trends and driversCigna, Simone; Gunnella, Vanessa; Quaglietti, Lucia
2022 Central bank digital currency and bank intermediation: Exploring different approaches for assessing the effects of a digital euro on euro area banksAdalid, Ramón; Álvarez-Blázquez, Álvaro; Assenmacher-Wesche, Katrin; Burlon, Lorenzo; Dimou, Maria; López-Quiles, Carolina; Fuentes, Natalia Martín; Meller, Barbara; Muñoz, Manuel A.; Radulova, Petya; D'Acri, Costanza Rodriguez; Shakir, Tamarah; Šílová, Gabriela; Soons, Oscar; Ventula Veghazy, Alexia
2022 Costs of retail payments: An overview of recent national studies in EuropeJunius, Kerstin; Devigne, Lucas; Honkkila, Juha; Jonker, Nicole; Kajdi, László; Kimmerl, Johana; Korella, Lukas; Matos, Rodrigo; Menzl, Nadine; Przenajkowska, Karolina; Reijerink, Jelmer; Rocco, Giorgia; Rusu, Codruta
2022 An empirical study of securitisations of non-performing loansBoudiaf, Ismael Alexander; González, Fernando
2022 Rate forward guidance in an environment of large central bank balance sheets: A Eurosystem stock-taking assessmentMonetary Policy Committee, Taskforce on Rate Forward Guidance and Reinvestment
2022 Towards a single performance indicator in the EU's fiscal governance framework: An assessment of the expenditure and structural balance rules in the European fiscal governance frameworkBenalal, Nicholai; Freier, Maximilian; Melyn, Wim; Van Parys, Stefan; Reiss, Lukas
2022 TARGET2 analytical tools for regulatory complianceGlowka, Marc; Müller, Alexander; Friz, Livia Polo; Testi, Sara; Valentini, Massimo; Vespucci, Stefano
2022 Two-tier system for remunerating excess reserve holdingsBoucinha, Miguel; Burlon, Lorenzo; Corsi, Marco; Della Valle, Guido; Eisenschmidt, Jens; Marmara, Iwona; Pool, Sebastiaan; Schumacher, Julian; Vergote, Olivier
2022 Public and private risk sharing: Friends or foes? The interplay between different forms of risk sharingGiovannini, Alessandro; Ioannou, Demosthenes; Stracca, Livio
2022 The macroeconomic and fiscal impact of population ageingBodnár, Katalin; Nerlich, Carolin
2022 The economic impact of the NPL coverage expectations in the euro areaBudnik, Katarzyna; Dimitrov, Ivan; Groß, Johannes; Kusmierczyk, Piotr; Lampe, Max; Vagliano, Gianluca; Volk, Matjaz
2022 Public wage and pension indexation in the euro area: An overviewChecherita-Westphal, Cristina
2022 Looking at the evolution of macroprudential policy stance: A growth-at-risk experiment with a semi-structural modelBoucherie, Louis; Budnik, Katarzyna; Panos, Jiri
2022 The US labour market after the COVID-19 recessionGómez Salvador, Ramón; Soudan, Michel
2022 The use of the Eurosystem's monetary policy instruments and its monetary policy implementation framework in 2020 and 2021Corsi, Marco; Mudde, Yvo
2022 A tale of three crises: Synergies between ECB tasksHobelsberger, Karin; Kok Sørensen, Christoffer; Mongelli, Francesco Paolo
2022 Enhancing private and public risk sharing: Lessons from the literature and reflections on the COVID-19 crisisCimadomo, Jacopo; Gordo, Esther; Palazzo, Alessandra Anna
2022 Disclosure of climate change risk in credit ratings: An analytical framework to perform a status-quo assessment of the disclosure of climate change risks in rating methodologies and ratings reports by selected credit rating agenciesBreitenstein, Miriam; Ciummo, Stefania; Walch, Florian
2021 ECB Consumer Expectations Survey: An overview and first evaluationBańkowska, Katarzyna; Borlescu, Ana Maria; Charalambakis, Evangelos; Da Silva, António Dias; Di Laurea, Davide; Dossche, Maarten; Georgarakos, Dimitris; Honkkila, Juha; Kennedy, Neale O.; Kenny, Geoff; Kolndrekaj, Aleksandra; Meyer, Justus; Rusinova, Desislava; Teppa, Federica; Törmälehto, Veli-Matti
Collection's Items (Sorted by Title in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 306