ECB Occasional Paper Series, European Central Bank (ECB)

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2021 Policies in support of lending following the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemicBudnik, Katarzyna; Dimitrov, Ivan; Groß, Johannes; Jancoková, Martina; Lampe, Max; Sorvillo, Bianca; Stular, Anze; Volk, Matjaz
2021 One size fits some: Analysing profitability, capital and liquidity constraints of custodian banks through the lens of the SREP methodologyCoste, Charles-Enguerrand; Tcheng, Céline; Vansieleghem, Ingmar
2021 Measuring the cost of equity of euro area banksAltavilla, Carlo; Bochmann, Paul Martin; De Ryck, Jeroen; Dumitru, Ana-Maria; Grodzicki, Maciej; Kick, Heinrich; Fernandes, Cecilia Melo; Mosthaf, Jonas; O'Donnell, Charles; Palligkinis, Spyros
2021 Foreign demand for euro banknotesLalouette, Laure; Zamora-Pérez, Alejandro; Rusu, Codruta; Bartzsch, Nikolaus; Politronacci, Emmanuelle; Delmas, Martial; Rua, António; Brandi, Marco; Naksi, Martti
2021 The macroeconomic impact of the Next Generation EU instrument on the euro areaBa´nkowski, Krzysztof; Ferdinandusse, Marien; Hauptmeier, Sebastian; Jacquinot, Pascal; Valenta, Vilém
2021 Asset encumbrance in euro area banks: Analysing trends, drivers and prediction properties for individual bank crisesBerthonnaud, Pierre; Cesati, Enrico; Drudi, Maria Ludovica; Jager, Kirsten; Kick, Heinrich; Lanciani, Marcello; Schneider, Ludwig; Schwarz, Claudia; Siakoulis, Vasileios; Vroege, Robert
2021 The growth-at-risk perspective on the system-wide impact of Basel III finalisation in the euro areaBudnik, Katarzyna; Dimitrov, Ivan; Giglio, Carla; Groß, Johannes; Lampe, Max; Sarychev, Andrei; Tarbé, Matthieu; Vagliano, Gianluca; Volk, Matjaz
2021 Catch me (if you can): Assessing the risk of SARS-CoV-2 transmission via euro cashTamele, Barbora; Zamora-Pérez, Alejandro; Litardi, Chiara; Howes, John; Steinmann, Eike; Todt, Daniel Matthias
2021 How useful is market information for the identification of G-SIBs?Busch, Pascal; Cappelletti, Giuseppe; Marincas, Vlad; Meller, Barbara; Wildmann, Nadya
2021 Inflation expectations and their role in Eurosystem forecastingWork stream on inflation expectations
2021 Overview of central banks' in-house credit assessment systems in the euro areaAuria, Laura; Bingmer, Markus; Graciano, Carlos Mateo Caicedo; Charavel, Clémence; Gavilá, Sergio; Iannamorelli, Alessandra; Levy, Aviram; Vignolo Maldonado, Alfredo; Resch, Florian; Rossi, Anna Maria; Sauer, Stephan
2021 The impact of the euro on trade: Two decades into monetary unionGunnella, Vanessa; Lebastard, Laura; López-García, Paloma; Serafini, Roberta; Mattioli, Alessandro Zona
2021 Demand for central bank reserves and monetary policy implementation frameworks: The case of the EurosystemÅberg, Pontus; Corsi, Marco; Grossmann-Wirth, Vincent; Hudepohl, Tom; Mudde, Yvo; Rosolin, Tiziana; Schobert, Franziska
2021 Review of macroeconomic modelling in the Eurosystem: Current practices and scope for improvementWork stream on Eurosystem modelling
2021 Climate change and monetary policy in the euro areWork stream on climate change
2021 Key factors behind productivity trends in EU countriesWork stream on productivity, innovation and technological progress
2021 Digitalisation: Channels, impacts and implications for monetary policy in the euro areaWork stream on digitalisation
2021 Employment and the conduct of monetary policy in the euro areaWork stream on employment
2021 The role of financial stability considerations in monetary policy and the interaction with macroprudential policy in the euro areaWork stream on macroprudential policy, monetary policy and financial stability
2021 Monetary-fiscal policy interactions in the euro areaWork stream on monetary-fiscal policy interactions
Collection's Items (Sorted by Title in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 284