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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2018 The superintendent's dilemma: Managing school district capacity as parents vote with their feetEpple, Dennis N.; Jha, Akshaya; Sieg, Holger
2018 Endogenous sample selection: A laboratory studyEsponda, Ignacio; Vespa, Emanuel
2018 Income effects and the welfare consequences of tax in differentiated product oligopolyGriffith, Rachel; Nesheim, Lars; O'Connell, Martin
2018 Optimal sup-norm rates and uniform inference on nonlinear functionals of nonparametric IV regressionChen, Xiaohong; Christensen, Timothy M.
2018 An empirical model of non-equilibrium behavior in gamesKline, Brendan
2018 Identifying dynamic spillovers of crime with a causal approach to model selectionCaetano, Gregorio; Maheshri, Vikram
2018 Identification, data combination, and the risk of disclosureKomarova, Tatiana; Nekipelov, Denis N.; Yakovlev, Evgeny
2018 Simultaneous selection of optimal bandwidths for the sharp regression discontinuity estimatorArai, Yoichi; Ichimura, Hidehiko
2018 Neighborhood dynamics and the distribution of opportunityAliprantis, Dionissi; Carroll, Daniel R.
2018 Pirates of the Mediterranean: An empirical investigation of bargaining with asymmetric informationAmbrus, Attila; Chaney, Eric; Salitskiy, Igor
2018 Estimating matching games with transfersFox, Jeremy T.
2018 Learning in network gamesKovářík, Jaromír; Mengel, Friederike; Romero, J. Gabriel
2017 Identification and estimation of a bidding model for electronic auctionsHickman, Brent R.; Hubbard, Timothy P.; Paarsch, Harry J.
2017 Demand heterogeneity in insurance markets: Implications for equity and efficiencyGeruso, Michael
2017 The distribution of wealth and the marginal propensity to consumeCarroll, Christopher; Slacalek, Jirka; Tokuoka, Kiichi; White, Matthew N.
2017 A note on identification of discrete choice models for bundles and binary gamesFox, Jeremy T.; Lazzati, Natalia
2017 Does redistribution increase output? The centrality of labor supplyAthreya, Kartik B.; Owens, Andrew; Schwartzman, Felipe Farah
2017 Precautionary saving and aggregate demandChalle, Edouard; Matheron, Julien; Ragot, Xavier; Rubio-Ramírez, Juan Francisco
2017 Latent indices in assortative matching modelsDiamond, William; Agarwal, Nikhil
2017 How to solve dynamic stochastic models computing expectations just onceJudd, Kenneth L.; Maliar, Lilia; Maliar, Serguei; Tsener, Inna
Collection's Items (Sorted by Title in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 167