Discussion Papers, Collaborative Research Center TRR 190: Rationality and Competition, Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München (LMU) und Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin

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2017 Pay What You Want as A Pricing Model for Open Access Publishing?Spann, Martin; Stich, Lucas; Schmidt, Klaus M.
2017 Certification and Market TransparencyStahl, Konrad; Strausz, Roland
2017 A Theory of Crowdfunding: A Mechanism Design Approach with Demand Uncertainty and Moral HazardStrausz, Roland
2017 How Antitrust Enforcement Can Spur Innovation: Bell Labs and the 1956 ConsentWatzinger, Martin; Fackler, Thomas; Nagler, Markus; Schnitzer, Monika
2017 Delegating Pricing Power to Customers: Pay What You Want or Name Your Own Price?Krämer, Florentin; Schmidt, Klaus M.; Spann, Martin; Stich, Lucas
2017 Self-Confidence and Unraveling In Matching MarketsDargnies, Marie-Pierre; Hakimov, Rustamdjan; Kübler, Dorothea
2017 Long-Term Employment Relations when Agents Are Present BiasedEnglmaier, Florian; Fahn, Matthias; Schwarz, Marco A.
2017 You Owe MeMalmendier, Ulrike; Schmidt, Klaus
2017 Regulatory Competition in Capital Standards with Selection Effects Among BanksHaufler, Andreas; Maier, Ulf
2017 Image Concerns and the Political Economy of Publicly Provided Private GoodsKönig, Tobias; Lausen, Tobias; Wagener, Andreas
2017 Sequential versus static screening: An equivalence resultKrähmer, Daniel; Strausz, Roland
2017 Relative consumption preferences and public provision of private goodsKönig, Tobias; Lausen, Tobias
2017 The power of sunspots: An experimental analysisFehr, Dietmar; Heinemann, Frank; Llorente-Saguer, Aniol
2017 Auctions versus negotiations: The effects of inefficient renegotiationHerweg, Fabian; Schmidt, Klaus M.
2017 Cooperating over losses and competing over gains: A social dilemma experimentIspano, Alessandro; Schwardmann, Peter
2017 Mean field games with singular controlsFu, Guanxing; Horst, Ulrich
2017 The employment effects of countercyclical infrastructure investmentsBuchheim, Lukas; Watzinger, Martin
2017 A framework for separating individual treatment effects from spillover, interaction, and general equilibrium effectsHuber, Martin; Steinmayr, Andreas
2017 Matching donations without crowding out? Some theoretical considerations, a field, and a lab experimentAdena, Maja; Huck, Steffen
2017 Measuring applicant quality to detect discrimination in peer-to-peer lendingWeizsäcker, Georg; Zankiewicz, Christian
Collection's Items (Sorted by Title in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 25
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