Discussion Papers, Collaborative Research Center TRR 190: Rationality and Competition, Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München (LMU) und Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin

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2024Workplace Connections and Labor Migration: The Role of Information in Shaping ExpectationsHansch, Michelle; Nimczik, Jan; Spitz-Oener, Alexandra
2024Insourcing vs outsourcing in vertical structureShin, Dongsoo; Strausz, Roland
2024Patents, freedom to operate, and follow-on innovation: Evidence from post-grant oppositionGäßler, Fabian; Harhoff, Dietmar; Sorg, Stefan; von Graevenitz, Georg
2024From couch to poll: Media content and the value of local informationMathias, Bühler; Dickens, Andrew
2024Does online fundraising increase charitable giving? A nationwide field experiment on FacebookAdena, Maja; Hager, Anselm
2024Depression stigmaRoth, Christopher; Schwardmann, Peter; Tripodi, Egon
2024Interview sequences and the formation of subjective assessmentsRadbruch, Jonas; Schiprowski, Amelie
2024The strategic value of data sharing in interdependent marketsBhargava, Hemant; Dubus, Antoine; Ronayne, David; Shekhar, Shiva
2024The formation of subjective house price expectationsKiesl-Reiter, Sarah; Lührmann, Melanie; Shaw, Jonathan; Winter, Joachim
2024Interpersonal preferences and team performance: The role of liking in complex problem solvingOpitz, Timm
2024Misperceived effectiveness and the demand for psychotherapyRoth, Christopher; Schwardmann, Peter; Tripodi, Egon
2023Persecution and EscapeBecker, Sascha O.; Lindenthal, Volker; Mukand, Sharun; Waldinger, Fabian
2023Religion and GrowthBecker, Sascha O.; Rubin, Jared; Woessmann, Ludger
2023Imperfect Price Information, Market Power, and Tax Pass-ThroughMontag, Felix; Mamrak, Robin; Sagimuldina, Alina; Schnitzer, Monika
2023Can Grassroots Organizations Reduce Support for Right-Wing Populism via Social Media?Wimmer, Johannes; Vollmer, Leonhard
2023Mergers, Foreign Competition, and Jobs: Evidence from the U.S. Appliance IndustryMontag, Felix
2023Structural Shocks and Political Participation in the USChugunova, Marina; Keller, Klaus; Samila, Sampsa
2023Taming Overconfident CEOs Through Stricter Financial RegulationKassner, Bernhard
2023Whom to Inform about Prices? Evidence from the German Fuel MarketMontag, Felix; Sagimuldina, Alina; Winter, Christoph
2023Scared Straight? Threat and Assimilation of Refugees in GermanyJaschke, Philipp; Sardoschau, Sulin; Tabellini, Marco
Collection's Items (Sorted by Title in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 498
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