Discussion Papers, Collaborative Research Center TRR 190: Rationality and Competition, Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München (LMU) und Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin

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2022 The legacy of Covid-19 in educationWerner, Katharina; Woessmann, Ludger
2022 Earnings information and public preferences for university tuition: Evidence from representative experimentsLergetporer, Philipp; Woessmann, Ludger
2022 Fostering the diffusion of general purpose technologies: Evidence from the licensing of the transistor patentsNagler, Markus; Schnitzer, Monika; Watzinger, Martin
2022 Expectation management of policy leaders: Evidence from COVID-19Haan, Peter; Peichl, Andreas; Schrenker, Annekatrin; Weizsäcker, Georg; Winter, Joachim
2022 Social mobility in GermanyDodin, Majed; Findeisen, Sebastian; Henkel, Lukas; Sachs, Dominik; Schüle, Paul
2022 Regulatory and bailout decisions in a banking unionHaufler, Andreas
2022 Malleability of preferences for honestyAbeler, Johannes; Falk, Armin; Kosse, Fabian
2022 The origins of gender differences in competitiveness and earnings expectations: Causal evidence from a mentoring interventionBoneva, Teodora; Buser, Thomas; Falk, Armin; Kosse, Fabian
2022 Patience and comparative developmentSunde, Uwe; Dohmen, Thomas; Enke, Benjamin; Falk, Armin; Huffmann, David; Meyerheim, Gerrit
2022 Can schools change religious attitudes? Evidence from German state reforms of compulsory religious educationArold, Benjamin W.; Woessmann, Ludger; Zierow, Larissa
2022 Face mask use and physical distancing before and after mandatory masking: No evidence on risk compensation in public waiting linesSeres, Gyula; Balleyer, Anna; Cerutti, Nicola; Friedrichsen, Jana; Süer, Müge
2022 The effects of an increase in the retirement age on health: Evidence from administrative dataBarschkett, Mara; Geyer, Johannes; Haan, Peter; Hammerschmid, Anna
2022 Spin doctors: An experiment on vague disclosureDeversi, Marvin; Ispano, Alessandro; Schwardmann, Peter
2022 Cursed consumers and the effectiveness of consumer protection policiesIspano, Alessandro; Schwardmann, Peter
2022 Aiding applicants: Leveling the playing field within the immediate acceptance mechanismBasteck, Christian; Mantovani, Marco
2022 Optimal non-linear pricing with data-sensitive consumersKrähmer, Daniel; Strausz, Roland
2022 Strategy-proof and envy-free random assignmentBasteck, Christian; Ehlers, Lars H.
2022 The bargaining trapSchweighofer-Kodritsch, Sebastian
2022 Self-persuasion: Evidence from field experiments at international debating competitionsSchwardmann, Peter; Tripodi, Egon; van der Weele, Joël J.
2022 The fiscal state in Africa: Evidence from a century of growthAlbers, Thilo N. H.; Jerven, Morten; Suesse, Marvin
Collection's Items (Sorted by Title in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 327
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