CEPIE Working Papers, Center of Public and International Economics (CEPIE), Technische Universität Dresden

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2017 The political economy of fiscal supervision and budget deficits: Evidence from GermanyRoesel, Felix
2017 Trade, inequality, and the size of the welfare stateKohl, Miriam
2017 Economic development, democratic institutions, and repression in non-democratic regimes: Theory and evidenceKemnitz, Alexander; Roessler, Martin
2017 Exchange rate volatility and exports: Estimation of firms risk preferencesBroll, Udo; Mukherjee, Soumyatanu; Sensarma, Rudra
2017 The firm under regret aversionBroll, Udo; Welzel, Peter; Wong, Kit Pong
2017 Industrialisation and the big push in a global economyKreickemeier, Udo; Wrona, Jens
2017 Eurozone exit riskEichler, Stefan; Rövekamp, Ingmar
2016 Teams contribute more and punish lessAuerswald, Heike; Schmidt, Carsten; Thum, Marcel; Torsvik, Gaute
2016 The banking firm under ambiguity aversionBroll, Udo; Welzel, Peter; Wong, Kit Pong
2016 The Elasticity of Factor Substitution Between Capital and Labor in the U.S. Economy: A Meta-Regression AnalysisKnoblach, Michael; Rößler, Martin; Zwerschke, Patrick
2016 Classroom Games: Trading in a Pit Market 2.0Markwardt, Gunther; Seidel, André; Thum, Marcel
2016 Regulation versus TaxationHirte, Georg; Rhee, Hyok-Joo
2016 The Flypaper Effect in Germany: An East-West ComparisonKorzhenevych, Artem; Langer, Sebastian
2016 Offshoring and job polarisation between firmsEgger, Hartmut; Kreickemeier, Udo; Moser, Christoph; Wrona, Jens
2016 A theory of intermediation in supply chains based on inventory controlQu, Zhan; Raff, Horst; Schmitt, Nicolas
2016 Hospital policy and productivity: Evidence from German statesKarmann, Alexander; Roesel, Felix
2016 Persistent inefficiency in the higher education sector: Evidence from GermanyGralka, Sabine
Collection's Items (Sorted by Title in Descending order): 1 to 17 of 17
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