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Schulz, Erika
Radvansky, Marek
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NEUJOBS Policy Brief D12.4
The socio-ecological transition will led to an overall change in the supply and demand of goods and services and therefore to a change in consumption as well as production structure at national level, but also to changes in the single sectors. It is expected that in particular three sectors will show a high dynamic caused by the demographic change: the health sector, the long-term care sector as well as change in demand and supply for goods and services for the elderly. This policy brief summarize the findings of Work package 12 of NEUJOBS project: “Health care, goods and services for an ageing population”. Main attention is related to current employment situation within these sectors and exploration of possible changes in employment structure across European countries in following 15 years.
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This publication was produced as part of the NEUJOBS project, funded by the European Commission through the 7th Framework Programme under contract no. 266833 (http://www.neujobs).
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Working Paper

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