Bath Papers in International Development and Wellbeing, Centre for Development Studies (CDS), University of Bath

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2015 Coloniality and indigenous territorial rights in the Peruvian Amazon: A critique of the prior consultation lawAcuña, Roger Merino
2015 Micro-foundations of producer power in Colombia and the Philippines: Towards a political understanding of rentsRamos, Charmaine G.
2015 Humanitarian NGOs: Dealing with authoritarian regimesWalton, Oliver
2015 Relational wellbeing: A theoretical and operational approachWhite, Sarah C.
2015 Towards a plural history of microfinanceCopestake, James; Cabello, Mateo; Goodwin-Groen, Ruth; Gravesteijn, Robin; Humberstone, Julie
2015 Upliftment' friends and finance: Everyday concepts and practices of resource exchange underpinning mobile money adaption in KenyaJohnson, Susan; Krijtenburg, Froukje
2015 Theological resources and the transformation of unjust structures: The case of Argentine informal economy workersDeneulin, Séverine
2014 Assessing rural transformations: Piloting a qualitative impact protocol in Malawi and EthiopiaCopestake, James; Remnant, Fiona
2014 We dont't have this is mine and this is his: Managing money and the character of conjugality in KenyaJohnson, Susan
2014 Competing visions of financial inclusion in Kenya: The rift revealed by mobile money transferJohnson, Susan
2014 Engaging with children living amidst political violence: Towards an integrated approach to protectionHart, Jason
2014 Can civil society be free of the natural state? Applying north to BangladeshWood, Geof
2014 Creating more just cities: The right to the city and capability approach combinedDeneulin, Séverine
2014 Whither development studies? Reflections on its relationship with social policyCopestake, James
2013 Behind the aid brand: Distinguishing between development finance and assistanceCopestake, James
2013 Challenge funds in international developmentO'Riordan, Anne-Marie; Copestake, James; Seibold, Juliette; Smith, David
2013 Beyond the grumpy rich man and the happy peasant: Subjective perspectives on wellbeing and food security in rural IndiaWhite, Sarah C.
2013 Can't buy me happiness: How voluntary simplicity contributes to subjective wellbeingDijk, Nadime van
2013 Understanding policy and programming on sex-selection in Tamil Nadu: Ethnographic and sociological reflectionsPerwez, Shahid
2013 From the idea of justice to the idea of injustice: Mixing the ideal, non-ideal and dynamic conceptions of injusticeGarza, Oscar
Collection's Items (Sorted by Title in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 41