Bath Papers in International Development and Wellbeing, Centre for Development Studies (CDS), University of Bath

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2017 The potential of digital cash transfers to strengthen the link between humanitarian assistance and social protectionFord, Emma
2017 Postcapitalism, basic income and the end of work: A critique and alternativePitts, Frederick Harry; Dinerstein, Ana C.
2017 What crisis produces: Dangerous bodies, Ebola heroes and resistance in Sierra LeoneEnria, Luisa
2017 Domestic resource mobilisation strategies of national non-governmental development organisations in GhanaKumi, Emmanuel
2017 The intrinsic and instrumental value of money and resource management for people's wellbeing in rural KenyaStorchi, Silvia
2017 Chieftaincy and the distributive politics of an agricultural input subsidy programme in a rural Malawian villageWroe, Daniel
2016 Qualitative impact evaluation: Incorporating authenticity into the assessment of rigourJohnson, Susan; Rasulova, Saltanat
2016 Progress and setbacks in the neo-developmentalist agenda of public policy in BrazilNovelli, José Marcos Nayme
2016 Financial capability for wellbeing: An alternative perspective from the capability approachStorchi, Silvia; Johnson, Susan
2016 Managing relationships in qualitative impact evaluation to improve development outcomes: QuIP choreography as a case studyCopestake, James; Allan, Claire; van Bekkum, Wilm; Belay, Moges; Goshu, Tefera; Mvula, Peter; Remnant, Fiona; Thomas, Erin; Zerahun, Zenawi
2016 Neo-developmentalism and trade unions in BrazilGalvão, Andréia
2016 Young people's voices: Insights to reduce inequality in education in urban Latin AmericaMitchell, Ann; Del Monte, Pablo; Deneulin, Séverine
2015 Theological resources and the transformation of unjust structures: The case of Argentine informal economy workersDeneulin, Séverine
2015 Relational wellbeing: A theoretical and operational approachWhite, Sarah C.
2015 Micro-foundations of producer power in Colombia and the Philippines: Towards a political understanding of rentsRamos, Charmaine G.
2015 Upliftment' friends and finance: Everyday concepts and practices of resource exchange underpinning mobile money adaption in KenyaJohnson, Susan; Krijtenburg, Froukje
2015 Towards a plural history of microfinanceCopestake, James; Cabello, Mateo; Goodwin-Groen, Ruth; Gravesteijn, Robin; Humberstone, Julie
2015 Humanitarian NGOs: Dealing with authoritarian regimesWalton, Oliver
2015 Coloniality and indigenous territorial rights in the Peruvian Amazon: A critique of the prior consultation lawAcuña, Roger Merino
2014 Can civil society be free of the natural state? Applying north to BangladeshWood, Geof
Collection's Items (Sorted by Title in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 53