ERSA 2015 - 55th Congress of the European Regional Science Association, Lisbon, 2015

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2015Evaluation tool for wider economic effects of railway investments: Making computable general equilibrium model results accessibleKinnunen, Jouko; Metsäranta, Heikki; Törmä, Hannu; Laakso, Seppo; Zimoch, Urszula
2015Effects of Cultural Diversity on Economic Performance in Russian RegionsLimonov, Leonid; Nesena, Marina
2015The impact of moral education on social welfare as a governmental policyLeriou, Eirini; Tasopoulos, Anastasios
2015Spatial Aspects of Agent-Based Modeling of Large EconomyMelnikova, Larisa; Suslov, Victor; Tsyplakov, Alexander; Ibragimov, Naimdjon; Domozhirov, Dmitry; Kostin, Vitaly
2015Distinctively different: A new approach to valuing architectural amenitiesAhlfeldt, Gabriel; Holman, Nancy
2015The LEADER process as a European policy for local development: A comparison of the implementation in three European member statesBerriet-Solliec, Marielle; Laidin, Catherine; Lépicier, Denis; Pham, Hai Vu; Pollermann, Kim; Raue, Petra; Schnaut, Gitta
2015How to Attract More Tourists to Korea? Possible Collaborations with ChinaZhong, Wenjun; Oh, Jinhwan
2015Barriers to cross-region research and development collaborations in Europe. Evidence from the Fifth European Framework Programmede Clairfontaine, Aurélien Fichet; Fischer, Manfred M.; Lata, Rafael; Paier, Manfred
2015Construção de alianças para gestão territorial com ênfase na floresta: O caso do Bosque Modelo Caçador no sul do BrasilRosot, Maria Augusta Doetzer; De Oliveira, Yeda Maria Malheiros; Radomski, Maria Izabel; Garrastazu, Marilice Cordeiro; Cardoso, Denise Jeton; Lacerda, André Eduardo Biscaia De; Rosot, Nelson Carlos
2015Vertical versus Horizontal Tax Incentives Policies in Brazil: Assessing the Impacts Using a Computable General Equilibrium ModelPorsse, Alexandre; Madruga, Felipe
2015A Selection Model of Hedonic House Values and RentsHalket, Jonathan; Nesheim, Lars; Oswald, Florian
2015Evolution of long distance students' mobility: The role of the air transport service in ItalyCattaneo, Mattia; Malighetti, Paolo; Paleari, Stefano; Redondi, Renato
2015Economic Impact of CO2 Emissions and Carbon Tax in Electric Vehicle Society in Toyohashi City in JapanMiyata, Yuzuru; Shibusawa, Hiroyuki; Fujii, Tomoaki
2015Regional Airport Expansion: Expansions of Regional Airports and their Effect on the Local EconomyBreidenbach, Philipp
2015Effect of the centrifugal and centripetal forces in core versus (semi)periphery in Central Europe countriesMaris, Martin
2015Cointegration of Matched Home Purchases and Rental Price Indexes ¨C Evidence from SingaporeLi, Jing; Baltagi, Badi
2015Foreseeing supply and demand for competence and education until 2025 with a regional CGE modelKinnunen, Jouko; Lindström, Bjarne; Fellman, Katarina
2015Aerated concrete on basis of volcanic rocks waste as efficient thermal insulation materialHarutyunyan, Anahit
2015Blind policy-maker: an empirical evidence from the Italian caseTesauro, Carlo
2015Logistic optimization in tourism networksFrias, Armindo; Cabral, João; Costa, Álvaro
Collection's Items (Sorted by Title in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 288