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Harutyunyan, Anahit
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55th Congress of the European Regional Science Association: "World Renaissance: Changing roles for people and places", 25-28 August 2015, Lisbon, Portugal
Construction materials and particularly construction items make 50-60% of overall construction costs. Choosing of effective environmentally friendly building materials based on resource and energy-saving technologies enables to significantly reduce prime cost of construction. Raw materials for manufacturing of construction items should be environmentally friendly widespread and cheap. And therefore raw materials like water, sand and carbonate minerals (limestone, chalk, marl) as well as products derived therefrom (cement, lime) are frequently encountered in nature and easily obtained. Additionally, waste from nonmetallic industry is valuable and very cheap raw material for manufacturing of construction materials. Particularly it relates to heat insulation and structural concretes, lightweight foam fillers etc. These wastes may be used as efficient aggregates for concrete blocks production. The article substantiated that the use of aerated concrete based on volcanic rocks waste makes it possible to reduce construction costs, shorten the construction period, to create a residential building with more comfortable conditions.
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Conference Paper

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