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Nikulina, Olga
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53rd Congress of the European Regional Science Association: "Regional Integration: Europe, the Mediterranean and the World Economy", 27-31 August 2013, Palermo, Italy
The rapid development of information technology will allow businesses to create new communication opportunities for the exchange of information, which greatly accelerated the process of networking. The benefits of economic subjects integration related to the harmonization of their interests, a reduced risk and substantial savings in transaction costs, that is achieved due to the synergy of interaction and reduce the flow of information. The advantages of cluster development are expressed in increasing efficiency and reducing costs of current activities of economic subjects in the integrated use of innovative potential cluster members when creating new products, processes and practices in the formation of innovation capital for further innovative development as a result of innovation to a new level. Clustered structuring of the economy allows comprehensive state support of science, education, risky innovation, export activity, and will provide new opportunities for innovative business development in terms of integration and to create the conditions for the growth of socially and environmentally responsible businesses and expand their proactive environmental activities. Practice shows that the highest level of regional competitiveness is achieved through the formation of innovation clusters. The key point in the definition of innovation cluster is the presence of an innovative synergy of all participants, which is provided by the establishment, capitalization and dissemination of innovations. A key role in the formation of innovation cluster is their interaction enterprises of science and education with production enterprises with the support of government agencies. The most effective clustering process is carried out in regions that actively create innovative infrastructure to support industrial potential of scientific and innovative and educational potential. Innovation cluster is a dynamic system that provides self-development through the implementation of synergies. Contributing to the formation of initial relationships in the region to produce innovative products, cluster policy should define the nature of technological progress at certain points, creating conditions for the development of the research base in the region and increasing innovation. One of the priority directions of development of innovation clusters in the regions should be the formation of innovative business, capable of breakthrough technologies, both in the domestic and overseas market. The basis of the formation of innovation cluster supposed to develop innovative industrial activities, providing the technological basis of the implementation of the innovation process cluster members in the establishment and effective functioning of the innovation infrastructure.
innovative development
innovative activity
the innovative project
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Conference Paper

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