ERSA 2013 - 53rd Congress of the European Regional Science Association, Palermo, 2013

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2013 Do public transport improvements increase employment and income in a city?Bacares, Carlos Augusto Olarte
2013 Criminality spread: A "boomerang effect" of public transport improvements?Bacares, Carlos Augusto Olarte
2013 Analyzing the determinants of agglomeration for the manufacturing industry in TurkeyGezici, Ferhan; Yazgı, Burçin; Metin, Sinem
2013 Young People in Crisis: NEETs and Unemployed in EU RegionsMarelli, Enrico; Bruno, Giovanni; Signorelli, Marcello
2013 Spatial Panel Data Forecasting over Different Horizons, Cross-Sectional and Temporal DimensionsMayor, Matías; Patuelli, Roberto
2013 Environmental Disparities At Regional Level: The Evidence Of Namea In ItalyNepote, Daniela; Ferlaino, Fiorenzo; Bagliani, Marco; Crescimanno, Alberto
2013 The Effectiviness Of The Network Theory In Improving The Contribution To Financial Innovation Of Italian Cooperative BanksArnone, Massimo; Modina, Michele
2013 Regional Accessibility in Europe: changes in road infrastructure 1955-2012Stelder, Dirk
2013 Are the Number of Skilled Workers Running Out in Germany? The (Non)-Consequences of Demographic ChangeGarloff, Alfred; Wapler, Rüdiger
2013 Small area estimation of labor productivity for the Italian manufacturing SME cross-classified by region, industry and sizeFabrizi, Enrico; Ferrante, Maria; Trivisano, Carlo
2013 The Determinants Of Inward Foreign Direct Investment In Business Services Across European RegionsMeliciani, Valentina; Castellani, Davide; Mirra, Loredana
2013 Worldviews and Intergenerational Altruism: Empirical Evidence for GermanyAkkemik, K. Ali; Dittrich, Marcus; Göksal, Koray; Leipold, Kristina; Ogaki, Masao
2013 The role of proximity relations in regional and territorial development processesTorre, André; Wallet, Frederic Wallet
2013 Measuring insularity as a state of nature. Is there a case of bad geography?Pinna, Anna Maria; Licio, Vania
2013 Divorce and the birth control pillMarcen, Miriam
2013 The Analysis on the Poverty Characteristics of Baby Boomers -Using Models of Panel Data-Cho, Deokho; Park, Gil Hwan
2013 Does your neighbour know you better? Local banks and credit tightening in the financial crisisrossi, carlotta; barboni, giorgia
2013 The Impact Of Green Finance On The National Debt: Model Analysis Of Cdp And Evaluation Of The Intensity Of MissionTurina, Sandro; Confessore, Giuseppe; Turina, Maurizio
2013 Spatial gravity models for international trade: a panel analysis among OECD countriesMetulini, Rodolfo
2013 Willingness to Pay for Mortality Risk Reduction and Environmental Kuznets Curve HypothesisMorisugi, Masafumi; Sao, Hiroshi; Ohno, Eiji
Collection's Items (Sorted by Title in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 313