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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2015The Future of Swiss Hydropower: A Review on Drivers and UncertaintiesBarry, Michael; Baur, Patrick; Gaudard, Ludovic; Giuliani, Gianluca; Hediger, Werner; Romerio, Franco; Schillinger, Moritz; Schumann, René; Voegeli, Gillaume; Weigt, Hannes
2014Linking Europe - The Role of the Swiss Electricity Transmission Grid until 2050Schlecht, Ingmar; Weigt, Hannes
2013A Review on Energy Consumption from a Socio-Economic Perspective: Reduction through Energy Efficiency and BeyondSchmidt, Stephan; Weigt, Hannes
2013Combining Energy Networks: The Impact of Europe's Natural Gas Network on Electricity Markets until 2050Abrell, Jan; Gerbaulet, Clemens; Holz, Franziska; Lorenz, Casimir; Weigt, Hannes
2012CO2 Abatement from RES Injections in the German Electricity Sector: Does a CO2 Price Help?Weigt, Hannes; Ellerman, Denny; Delarue, Erik
2014Swissmod - A Model of the Swiss Electricity MarketSchlecht, Ingmar; Weigt, Hannes
2014Investments in a Combined Energy Network Model: Substitution between Natural Gas and Electricity?Abrell, Jan; Weigt, Hannes
2017Sensitivity of energy system investments to policy regulation changes: Application of the blue sky catastropheBondarev, Anton; Weigt, Hannes
2017Hydropower operation in a changing market environment: A Swiss case studySchillinger, Moritz; Weigt, Hannes; Barry, Michael; Schumann, René
2019The future of Swiss hydropower realities, options and open questionsBarry, Michael; Betz, Regina; Fuchs, Sandro; Gaudard, Ludovic; Geissmann, Thomas; Giuliani, Gianluca; Hediger, Werner; Herter, Marc; Kosch, Mirjam; Romerio, Franco; Schillinger, Moritz; Schlange, Lutz E.; Schuler, Christoph; Schumann, René; Voegeli, Guillaume; Weigt, Hannes