Working Paper Series: Finance and Accounting, Fachbereich Wirtschaftswissenschaften, Goethe-Universität Frankfurt a. M.

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2009 Optimal housing, consumption, and investment decisions over the life-cycleKraft, Holger; Munk, Claus
2009 Foundations of continuous-time recrusive utility: Differentiability and normalization of certainty equivalentsKraft, Holger; Seifried, Frank Thomas
2009 Investment, income, and incompletenessBick, Björn; Kraft, Holger; Munk, Claus
2009 Gauging risk with higher moments: Handrails in measuring and optimising conditional value at riskBugár, Gyöngyi; Maurer, Raimond H.; Vo, Huy Thanh
2009 What is the impact of stock market contagion on an investor's portfolio choice?Branger, Nicole; Kraft, Holger; Meinerding, Christoph
2009 Financial constraints and the decision to lease: Evidence from German SMESlotty, Constantin
2009 CDOs and systematic risk: Why bond ratings are inadequateKrahnen, Jan Pieter; Wilde, Christian
2009 Manipulation des Börsenkurses durch gezielte Informationspolitik im Rahmen von Squeeze-Outs? Eine empirische Untersuchung am deutschen KapitalmarktDaske, Holger; Bassemir, Moritz; Fischer, Felix F.
2009 Does IT standardization help to boost cost and profit efficiency? Empirical evidence from German savings banksNoth, Felix; Slotty, Constantin; Hackethal, Andreas
2009 Does size matter? Economies of scale in the German mutual fund industryMauerer, Raimond; Schaefer, Alexander
2008 Der Einfluss von Diversifikationsstrategien auf den Aktienkurs deutscher UnternehmenRustige, Marc; Grote, Michael H.
2008 The effects of size on local banks' funding costsVins, Oliver; Bloch, Thomas
2008 Do we measure what we get?Kunz, Jennifer
2008 The quiet life hypothesis in banking: Evidence from German savings banksKoetter, Michael; Vins, Oliver
2008 The effects of bank mergers on small business lending in GermanyBloch, Thomas
2008 Dissynergies of mergers among local banksBloch, Thomas
2008 Risk transfer with CDOsKrahnen, Jan Pieter; Wilde, Christian
2008 Financial locations: Frankfurt's place and perspectivesKotz, Hans-Helmut; Schmidt, Reinhard H.
2008 How politics influence state-owned banks: The case of German savings banksVins, Oliver
2008 Microfinance, commercialisation and ethicsSchmidt, Reinhard H.
Collection's Items (Sorted by Title in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 177