Working Paper Series: Finance and Accounting, Fachbereich Wirtschaftswissenschaften, Goethe-Universität Frankfurt a. M.

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2007The Victory of Hope over Angst? Funding, Asset Allocation, and Risk-Taking in German Public Sector Pension ReformMaurer, Raimond H.; Mitchell, Olivia S.; Rogalla, Ralph
2007Mutual versus Stock Insurers: Fair Premium, Capital, and SolvencyLaux, Christian; Muermann, Alexander
2007Board Committees, CEO Compensation, and Earnings ManagementLaux, Christian; Laux, Volker
2007Cross-Border Bank Contagion in EuropeGropp, Reint E.; Lo Duca, Marco; Vesala, Jukka
2007Foreign banks' attraction to the financial centre Frankfurt - a 'u'-shaped relationshipGrote, Michael H.
2007Stale information, shocks and volatilityGropp, Reint E.; Kadareja, Arjan
2007The economics of rating watchlists: Evidence from rating changesHirsch, Christian; Bannier, Christina E.
2007Acquiring foreign firms far away might be hazardous to your share price: Evidence from GermanyGrote, Michael H.; Rücker, Fabian
2007How unobservable Bond Positions in Retirement Accounts affect Asset AllocationMarekwica, Marcel; Maurer, Raimond H.
2007Trade Credit Defaults and Liquidity Provision by FirmsBoissay, Frederic; Gropp, Reint E.
2007Optimal Gradual Annuitization: Quantifying the Costs of Switching to AnnuitiesHorneff, Wolfram J.; Maurer, Raimond H.; Stamos, Michael Z.
2007Private Equity im Mittelstand: Mythos und RealitätGrote, Michael H.
2006Proof that it is not always optimal to locate bonds in a tax-deferred accountMarekwica, Marcel; Maurer, Raimond H.
2006Rentenreform in Russland: heutiger Stand und Entwicklungsperspektiven im internationalen VergleichFeiguine, Grigori
2006Home biased? A spatial analysis of the domestic merging behavior of US firmsGrote, Michael H.; Umber, Marc P.
2006Mutual Fund Investing: One of the Main Ways of Saving for Retirement in RussiaSedash, Tatiana
2006Open-End Real Estate Funds: Danger or Diamond?Sebastian, Steffen; Tyrell, Marcel
2006Die Stabilität von Finanzmärkten: Wie kann die Wirtschaftspolitik Vertrauen schaffen?Krahnen, Jan Pieter
2006Determinants of banks' engagement in loan securitizationBannier, Christina E.; Hänsel, Dennis N.
2006"Home, sweet home": Die Entwicklung des Handelsvolumens deutscher Aktien im AuslandGrote, Michael H.; Kube, Florian; Küchen, Michael
Collection's Items (Sorted by Title in Descending order): 21 to 40 of 177