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2020 Intangible capital and productivity: Firm-level evidence from German manufacturingKaus, Wolfhard; Slavtchev, Viktor; Zimmermann, Markus
2020 Financial linkages and sectoral business cycle synchronisation: Evidence from EuropeBöhm, Hannes; Schaumburg, Julia; Tonzer, Lena
2019 What drives the commodity-sovereign-risk-dependence in emerging market economies?Böhm, Hannes; Eichler, Stefan; Gießler, Stefan
2019 Flight from safety: How a change to the deposit insurance limit affects households' portfolio allocationDamar, H. Evren; Gropp, Reint E.; Mordel, Adi
2019 Banks' funding stress, lending supply and consumption expenditureDamar, H. Evren; Gropp, Reint E.; Mordel, Adi
2019 Nowcasting East German GDP growth: A MIDAS approachClaudio, João C.; Heinisch, Katja; Holtemöller, Oliver
2019 Spillovers of asset purchases within the real sector: Win-win or joy and sorrow?Sondershaus, Talina
2019 Import competition and firm productivity: Evidence from German manufacturingBräuer, Richard; Mertens, Matthias; Slavtchev, Viktor
2019 Identifying cooperation for innovation: A comparison of data sourcesFritsch, Michael; Piontek, Matthias; Titze, Mirko
2019 An evaluation of early warning models for systemic banking crises: Does machine learning improve predictions?Beutel, Johannes; List, Sophia; von Schweinitz, Gregor
2019 Potential international employment effects of a hard BrexitBrautzsch, Hans-Ulrich; Holtemöller, Oliver
2019 Benign neglect of covenant violations: Blissful banking or ignorant monitoring?Colonnello, Stefano; Koetter, Michael; Stieglitz, Moritz
2019 Borrowers under water! Rare disasters, regional banks, and recovery lendingKoetter, Michael; Noth, Felix; Rehbein, Oliver
2019 What does peer-to-peer lending evidence say about the risk-taking channel of monetary policy?Huang, Yiping; Li, Xiang; Wang, Chu
2019 Firm-level employment, labour market reforms, and bank distressSetzer, Ralph; Stieglitz, Moritz
2019 How forecast accuracy depends on conditioning assumptionsEngelke, Carola; Heinisch, Katja; Schult, Christoph
2019 Gift-exchange in society and the social integration of refugees: Evidence from a field, a laboratory, and a survey experimentJeworrek, Sabrina; Leisen, Bernd Josef; Mertins, Vanessa
2019 Power generation and structural change: Quantifying economic effects of the coal phase-out in GermanyHeinisch, Katja; Holtemöller, Oliver; Schult, Christoph
2019 What drives banks' geographic expansion? The role of locally non-diversifiable riskGropp, Reint E.; Noth, Felix; Schüwer, Ulrich
2019 Banking globalization, local lending, and labor market effects: Micro-level evidence from BrazilNoth, Felix; Ossandon Busch, Matias
Collection's Items (Sorted by Title in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 394
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