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Ibreljic, Izet
Kulenovic, Salih
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45th Congress of the European Regional Science Association: "Land Use and Water Management in a Sustainable Network Society", 23-27 August 2005, Amsterdam, The Netherlands
In wide region of South-Eastern Europe it has been notice even long ago that special attention must be given to a faster making of new creative and innovative regional structure of energetics which will made it possible for this geo-space to get incorporated in the energy structure of EU soon.However, in many documents done by foreign experts and institutions it is point out for that to happen it will take a long time. This topic is especially actual in Bosnia and Herzegovina as a country with the biggest reserve of coal in the region as well as with the biggest problem in a sphere of mining and energetics. In the paper that will be presented the mentioned task will be viewed in wider context of global development trends and process of restructuring not just energetics but also the entire economy in South-Eastern Europe and current process of rationalization of the European internal market of energy products. Certainly, in the focus of this paper will be environmental problem, which always follow these processes.
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Conference Paper

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