ERSA 2005 - 45th Congress of the European Regional Science Association, Amsterdam, 2005

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2005Conditions for a contribution by the Structural Funds to real convergence of the Recently Acceded Member StatesStierle, Michael H.
2005Potential accessibility - an interesting conceptual framework to address strategic planning issues in the Amsterdam region?Straatemeier, Thomas
2005Thresholds for Employment and Unemployment - a Spatial Analysis of German Regional Labour Markets 1992-2000Kosfeld, Reinhold; Dreger, Christian
2005What determines productivity level in the long run? Evidence from Italians regionsBronzini, Raffaello; Piselli, Paolo
2005Applying Landscape Ecological Metrics on Land Use Change in Lanyang PlainWang, Hsiao-Wen
2005Impacts of Reallocation of Resource Constraints on the Northeast Economy of BrazilHewings, Geoffrey; Dridi, Chokri; Guilhoto, Joaquim
2005Markov Chain approach to Purchasing Power Convergence in the 15 European UnionCaro, Alejandro Rodriguez; Feijoó, Santiago Rodriguez; Correa, Carlos Gonzalez
2005Acceptability of road pricing and revenue use in the NetherlandsUbbels, Barry; Verhoef, Erik T.
2005Distance Decay in International Trade Patterns - a Meta-analysisLinders, Gert-Jan M.
2005Homeworking, telecommuting and journey to workplaces - Are differences among genders and professions varying over space?Thériault, Marius; Villeneuve, Paul Y.; Vandersmissen, Marie-Hélène; Des Rosiers, François
2005Influence of future zoning on flood risksVan Veen, Nelle
2005Theories of New Economic Geography and Geographical Concentration of Manufacturing Industries in JapanAkita, Takahiro; Miyata, Sachiko
2005Regional Specialization via Differences in Transport CostsTakatsuka, Hajime; Zeng, Dao-Zhi
2005The innovativeness of the Finnish high technology firms – The role of internal factors, cooperation, and the mobility of labourSimonen, Jaakko
2005Differentials and persistence in unemployment - an analysis of the Spanish regions with the highest unemployment ratesMurillo, Ines; Núñez, Fernando; Usabiaga, Carlos
2005Ryanair's Impact on Airline Market Share from the London Area Airports - a Time Series AnalysisPitfield, David
2005Appennines settlement evolution and transformation analysis with GIS instrumentGualtieri, Alessia; Romano, Bernardino
2005Economic integration, regional structural change and cohesion in the EU new member-statesKallioras, Dimitris; Petrakos, George; Fotopoulos, Georgios
2005Integrated planning of water and land-useVerhaeghe, Robert J.; Grashoff, Poul; Zondag, Barry
Collection's Items (Sorted by Title in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 486