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Scarlatti, Francesco
Rabino, Giovanni
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43rd Congress of the European Regional Science Association: "Peripheries, Centres, and Spatial Development in the New Europe", 27th - 30th August 2003, Jyväskylä, Finland
Brainstorming (based on conceptual mapping tools) is a method for identifying ideas, oriented to workgroups. In brief, it is the conceptual analysis of the discussion inside the group. In this way it is possible to enhance creative energies and develop new ideas. We propose two applications in the field of urban planning. The first is the development of a conceptual model of a given territory. By analysing the discussion among people involved in the elaboration of a report concerning social, economical, territorial aspects of Bergamo and Lecco (two Italian metropolitan areas), we have tried to find a link among various indicators and elements identifying the peculiar features of the territorial systems that we study. The second is, instead, the research of the best solution for opening a factory in a given territory. In this case study the discussion group is made by the actors intervening in the decision process, the administrators, the contractors, the urban planners, etc. The result will be compared with one obtained with traditional analysis.
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Conference Paper

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