ERSA 2003 - 43rd Congress of the European Regional Science Association, Jyväskylä, 2003

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2003Regional Variation in New Firm Formation in Turkey: Cross-Section and Panel Data EvidenceKöksal, Miyase Yesim
2003Regional strategies in Baltic countriesSlara, Agita
2003Regional supply of Eco-tourism and collective learning: An institutional perspectiveWink, Rüdiger
2003A Study for the Necessity of Risk Assessment for Heavy metal Pollution in the Barada Basin, SyriaMelhem, Rimah; Higano, Yoshiro
2003Increasing Returns and Spatial Unemployment DisparitiesSuedekum, Jens
2003Regional strategies as generators of trust between regional actors Case: South KareliaKotonen, Ulla; Ahola, Jyrki
2003Revisiting the Role of Common Labeling in a Context of Asymmetric Information: Critique and ExtensionsNilsson, Tomas; Preckel, Paul; Öhlmer, Bo; Andersson, Hans
2003The Geography of Innovativeness - New product announcements in The NetherlandsGerben Panne, van der; Dolfsma, Wilfred
2003Assignment techniques on Virtual Networks. Performance considerations on large multi-modal networksJourquin, Bart; Limbourg, Sabine
2003Innovation and Business Performance in Rural and Peripheral Areas of GreeceGoudi, Alexandra; Skuras, Dimitris; Tsegenidi, Kyriaki
2003Does Knowledge Trade Create Growth Everywhere? Questions and Reply from a Cross-Country ComparisonCampisi, Domenico; Barchiesi, Maria Assunta; Tesauro, Carlo
2003The relationship between needs and instruments of innovation policy in different regions: the Matrix INT - Instruments and Needs of TechnologyCappellin, Riccardo
2003GIS and Network AnalysisFischer, Manfred M.
2003Social Capital in Building Regional Innovative Capability: A Theoretical and Conceptual AssessmentTura, Tomi; Harmaakorpi, Vesa
2003Local production and innovation systems in the state of São Paulo, BrazilSuzigan, Wilson; Furtado, Joao; Garcia, Renato; Sampaio, Sergio
2003Effects of Local Specialization of Investment Subsides in ItalyLosurdo, Francesco; Stramaglia, Annamaria
2003The Evolution of Reforestation in BrazilBacha, Carlos
2003Bridging and Bonding Social Capital: which type is good for economic growth?Beugelsdijk, Sjoerd; Smulders, Sjak
2003The effects of regional scientific opportunities in science-technology flows: Evidence from scientific literature cited in firms' patent dataCoronado, Daniel; Acosta, Manuel
2003Toward a unified Europe? Explaining cultural differences by economic development, cultural heritage and historical shocksBeugelsdijk, Sjoerd; Schaik, Ton Van
Collection's Items (Sorted by Title in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 359