ERSA 2003 - 43rd Congress of the European Regional Science Association, Jyväskylä, 2003

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2003 Measuring Community Strength and Social CapitalStimson, Robert; Western, John; Baum, Scott; Gellecum, Yolanda Van
2003 Where does success in local development come from?Djokic, Irena
2003 Regional perspectives on office service accessibility in Finnish banking markets: are there differences in service accessibility between the regions'Koponen, Aki T.
2003 Inequality Measures Applied to the Diffusion of Mobile Communications within the European UnionFrank, Lauri
2003 The Methodology of Evolutionary Sector in the Analysis of Territorial Development ProcessesMazurkiewicz, Artur
2003 Does Proximity of Schools Matter? Choice Behavior of High School Leavers Concerning Academic or Professional TrainingSa, Carla; Florax, Raymond; Rietveld, Piet
2003 Economic and Political Perspectives on Integration in the Baltic Sea RegionCornett, Andreas P.
2003 Urban/ Regional Co-Operation in Greece: Athens, a Capital City under the Shadow of the StateCoccossis, Harry; Deffner, Alex; Economou, Dimitris
2003 Linking Indigenous Social Capital to a Global EconomyO'Brien, David
2003 The vintage effect in TFP-growth: An analysis of the age structure of capitalten Raa, Thijs; Wolff, Ed
2003 Regional productivity differences in the European Union - Theoretical predictions and empirical evidenceGeppert, Kurt; Gornig, Martin; Stephan, Andreas
2003 The regionalization of labour markets by modelling commuting behaviourCörvers, Frank; Hensen, Maud
2003 Estimation of Gender wage Discrimination in the Portuguese labour marketBastos, Amélia; Fernandes, Graça Leão; Passos, José
2003 Effects of Local Specialization of Investment Subsides in ItalyLosurdo, Francesco; Stramaglia, Annamaria
2003 How are cities working in the Spanish territorial development? ( 1985-2000)Mella, José M.
2003 Water Supply in California: Economies of Scale, Efficiency, and PrivatizationHoutsma, John
2003 The Study of Perception and Project of the Territory Using Brain StormingScarlatti, Francesco; Rabino, Giovanni
2003 Bridging and Bonding Social Capital: which type is good for economic growth?Beugelsdijk, Sjoerd; Smulders, Sjak
2003 Regional Technolgy Policy and Factors Shaping Local Innovation Networks in Small German CitiesGebauer, Andrea; Nam, Chang Woon; Parsche, Rüdiger
2003 Knowledge Intensive Business Services in Regional Systems of Innovation - Initial Results from the Case of Southeast-FinlandBohn, Thorsten
Collection's Items (Sorted by Title in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 359