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Mazurkiewicz, Artur
42nd Congress of the European Regional Science Association: "From Industry to Advanced Services - Perspectives of European Metropolitan Regions", August 27th - 31st, 2002, Dortmund, Germany
The following paper has been inspired by the main challenges that have been created for the regional development by the process of globalisation. The paper presents an attempt at creating a new model and instruments for regional development management in which regional character of knowledge creation, territorial interdependencies, sustainable development and both democratic and individual decision making processes have been taken into consideration. The problem of emerging notion of regional management and its relation to the knowledge management in the process of regional development has been discussed. The paper presents the concept of regional knowledge creation process as the essential method of description of a region's development and competitiveness. The model of management of an autopoiesis system as an essential method of description of development and knowledge creation in a local community has been presented. The process of knowledge development in a region is assisted by ICT, including the Internet portal and corporate knowledge base. The technique of analyse field and space of choice and its role in the regional process of knowledge creation as the tool serving the process of describing and diagnosing the ability of knowledge creation as well as individual and regional strategies. The description of development changes in a region have been presented in the categories of critical points focusing on the zones of degradation and development. The results obtained with the help of the proposed model of regional development can serve to develop the international standards of risk and critical points of regional management. The fact of using the knowledge management principles for the interpretation of regional processes changes considerably the role of regional development agencies. The introduction of the Internet portal and critical points analysis provides a new way of presenting the knowledge about a region. The solution proposed in the presented paper based on the corporate knowledge data bases creates contextual character of relations and connections between different measured parameters and therefore it unceasingly creates new knowledge in compliance with the spiral upward movement. The introduced indicators analysis serves to describe state of individual components (people, organisations, natural ecosystems) of the region in question, and first of all it determines their development abilities and adaptability to their environment. The territorial structure creates a complex spatial system of interrelations in which local community relates to its environment in the intensive process of communication that determines how the external components are used in the process of regional development. Such instruments as the regional Internet portal, regional communitces of practice, regional staff of knowledge management and leaders of local development become the most important tools of assistance in local development processes. The presented paper provides a coherent model of regional management which is in compliance with "regional standards" assuring predictable character of changes in the region and leading to stable economic development of the whole region.
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