ERSA 2002 - 42nd Congress of the European Regional Science Association, Dortmund, 2002

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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2002 A methodology for neural spatial interaction modellingFischer, Manfred M.; Reismann, Martin
2002 On the specification of spatial econometric modelsMur, Jesus
2002 Science-technology flows in Spanish regions: an analysis of scientific citations in patentsCoronado, Daniel; Acosta, Manuel
2002 Knowledge production and patterns of proximity: French sme¿s of biotechnologyGallaud, Delphine
2002 Two-dimensional fiscal competitionOhsawa, Yoshiaki; Koshizuka, Takeshi
2002 Social capital and local development in Swedish rural districtsWestlund, Hans; Forsberg, Anette; Höckertin, Chatrine
2002 Probabilistic modelling of the joint labour decisions of husband and wife in farm householdsBjornsen, Marte
2002 Economic policy and unemployment in Russia's regionsBlinova, Tatiana; Rusanovsky, Victor
2002 Turbulence and productivity; an analysis of 40 Dutch regions in the period 1988-1996Bosma, Niels; Nieuwenhuijsen, Henry
2002 Entrepreneurial growth in British regions 1980-1998van Stel, Andre; Storey, David
2002 Social returns to commuting in the Baltic statesHazans, Mihails
2002 Complementarity between human capital and trade in regional technological progressSerrano, Guadalupe; Lopez-Bazo, Enrique; Garcia-Sanchis, Jose Ramon
2002 The role of accessibility for regional innovation systemsAndersson, Martin; Karlsson, Charlie
2002 An evaluation of economic efficiency of finnish regions by DEA and Tobit modelsLoikkanen, Heikki A.; Susiluoto, Ilkka
2002 Modelling of residential land-use, in a joint framework of land-use, transport and economyZondag, Barry
2002 Innovation network building in the Hungarian region of South TransdanubiaGál, Zoltán
2002 Textual statistics, conceptual mapping, bayesian network and landscape evaluationScarlatti, Francesco; Rabino, Giovanni
2002 Municipal transfers system as regional policy instruments in the Nordic countriesMønnesland, Jan
2002 Freight trip generation by firmsIding, Mirjam H.E.; Meester, Wilhelm J.; Tavasszy, Lóri
2002 Technical efficiency and spatial externalities: evidence from spanish small and middle-sized industrial firmsHernandez-Sancho, Francesc; Soler-Marco, Vicent
Collection's Items (Sorted by Title in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 320