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Ibreljic, Izet
Kulenovic, Salih
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41st Congress of the European Regional Science Association: "European Regional Development Issues in the New Millennium and their Impact on Economic Policy", 29 August - 1 September 2001, Zagreb, Croatia
Bosnia and Herzegovina, as a smal economic underdeveloped state and conglomerate of nations, cultures and different external influences, exists within South-East Europe, as one of the least stable world regions. As other tranzitional countries, Bosnia and Herzegovina is also trying to find an optimal solution for its social and economic development, having in mind its political, economic and cultural disharmony. The process of economic reintegration, of during the war organized adinistrative-political entities within Bosnia and Herzegovina, is still ongoing. Besides that, entering of Balcan and wider integrations is far from the declaired goals. Integration od economic and trough civilization linked Balcan region should result in the Balcan Unioin, democratization and pacificism, which is a part of trans-atlantic strategy. But, the question remains, how much will this strategy slow down BH economy, economic reconstruction and its entering of EU. We have to take into account the fact that each region focuses on its characteristic way of production and economic mutual-dependacy. This dependacy is a result of complex interaction of external factors: economy, politics, institutions, etc) and its internal life, which is influenced by cultural criterias (language, customs, social communication,etc.). This paper in accordance with contemporary theoretical and empirical literature we try to strucuture future political and social life in Bosnia and Herzegovina within the context of Balcan integration. But, we did not underline classic approach to regionalism, because of influences of "new regionalism" on this Balcan region. Key Words: Bosnia nd Herzegovina, integratio, Balcan regional security
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Conference Paper

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