ERSA 2001 - 41st Congress of the European Regional Science Association, Zagreb, 2001

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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2001 Short-run Regional Effects of Alternative Strategies for Economic Integration: The Case of BrazilDomingues, Edson; Haddad, Eduardo; Perobelli, Fernando
2001 Regional Labour Market Adjustment: Are Positive and Negative Shocks Different?Kangasharju, Aki; Pekkala, Sari
2001 SME Support Policy in European Union and Baltic States: Principles and ProblemsKasemets, Kristiina; Kriisa, Raili; Reiljan, Anu
2001 Regional development policies modelling: a framework of general equilibriumKancs, Artis
2001 North east and north west: An italian regional competition for international successDominese, Giorgio
2001 New Outlooks on Reshaping and Revitalizing Post-Conflict Regions: Strategies, Principles and Models of ReconstructionBhandari, Saurabh; Hasic, Tigran
2001 Regeional development of Bosnia-HerzegovinaOsmanković, Jasmina
2001 Product Cycle Model and the Location Structure of Finnish IndustriesNiiranen, Kimmo
2001 Municipal transfer systems: Regional effects of public activityMonnesland, Jan
2001 Regional Absorption of Terms of Trade ShocksHaddad, Eduardo; Perobelli, Fernando
2001 Optimal endowments of public investment: an empirical analysis for the spanish regionsBajo-Rubio, Oscar; Diaz-Roldan, Carmen; Montavez-Garces, M. Dolores
2001 Multiregional analysis with use of regional accounts and Input-Output tablesGranberg, Alexander; Zaitseva, Ioulia
2001 Regional Development of Employment and Deconcentration Processes in Eastern Germany. An analysis with an econometric analogue to shift-share techniquesBlien, Uwe; Wolf, Katja
2001 Municipal Finance in Poland, the Slovak Republic, the Czech Republic and Hungary: Problems and ProspectsNam, Chang Woon; Parsche, Rüdiger
2001 On Local Government Spending and Taxation Behaviour - Effect of population size and economic conditionMoisio, Antti
2001 Problems and contradictions in the constitution of a southern european metropolitan area: CataniaRuggiero, Luca
2001 Regional patterns of private enterprise development in RomaniaTraistaru, Iulia
2001 Regional specialisation in a transition country - HungaryRédei, Mary
2001 On the development of raem: The dutch spatial general equilibrium model and it's first application to a new railway linkKnaap, Thijs; Oosterhaven, Jan; Tavasszy, Lóri
2001 Organizational Ecology and Industrial Organization; Old Firms in the NetherlandsBrouwer, Aleid Elizabeth
Collection's Items (Sorted by Title in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 158