ERSA 2001 - 41st Congress of the European Regional Science Association, Zagreb, 2001

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2001 Consensus Assessment on a Metropolitan Railway Project in the Urban Area of Cagliari, Italy: A Case Study of Contingent ValuationZoppi, Corrado
2001 Challenges of regionalism: Development and spatial structure of the hungarian banking system section: Financial issuesGál, Zoltán
2001 Costs of EMU from a regional approach: the Spanish caseSanchez-Robles, Blanca; Villaverde, Jose
2001 Demography in LINE - migration patternsAndersen, Anne Kaag
2001 Changing regional images; are regional marketing campaigns successful?Meester, Wilhelm J.; Pellenbarg, Pieter H.
2001 “Criteria for establishing a model for defining Croatian regions lagging in Development”Jurlin, Krešimir; Maleković, Sanja; Puljiz, Jakša
2001 Bosnia and Herzegovina in the Contemporary Process of Balcan (Re)Integration and within European Integration FlowsIbreljic, Izet; Kulenovic, Salih
2001 Evaluation of the European Policies in Support of Ultraperipheric Regions, Azores, Madeira, Canarias, Guadalupe, Martinique, Guyane and ReunionDentinho, Tomaz Ponce; Fortuna, Mário Amaral; Luís, Rui Gonçalves; Vieira, José Cabral
2001 European regional growth, technology gap and R&D effortsGreunz, Lydia
2001 Does space finally matter? The Position of New Economic Geography in Economic JournalsLehner, Patrick; Maier, Gunther
2001 Effects and feasibility of a kilometre charge in road transport an investigation for the NetherlandsPeeters, Paul; Rietveld, Piet; Ubbels, Barry
2001 Environmental data and indicators and human security related issues in Romania: an institutional approachConstantin, Daniela Luminita
2001 Efficiency of Economic Regions in Finland 1988-1999: Application of the DEA methodSusiluoto, Ilkka
2001 Dynamic analysis and program formalization of regional banks activity in catastrophe theory conceptionObaeva, Alma; Zaitsev, Vladimir
2001 Dynamics and collapse of local labour marketsPersson, Lars Olof
2001 Dispercity - new development approach for Estonian rural peripheriesAhas, Rein; Albre, Neve; Link, Liina; Mark, Ülar
2001 Can migration decisions be affected by income taxation policies?Haapanen, Mika; Ritsilä, Jari
2001 Can we improve a Soviet city: Strategic Environmental Assessment of the Master Plan for Narva in EstoniaAhas, Rein; Koduvere, Evelyn; Mark, Ülar
2001 Child poverty - a discussion on conceptualization and measurement. A Portuguese case studyBastos, Amélia
2001 Exploring offence statistics in stockholm city using spatial analysis toolsCeccato, Vania; Haining, Robert; Signoretta, Paola
Collection's Items (Sorted by Title in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 158