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2018 Are international environmental policies effective? The case of the Rotterdam and the Stockholm ConventionsNúñez-Rocha, Thaís; Martínez-Zarzoso, Inmaculada
2018 Hyperbolic discounting can be good for your healthStrulik, Holger; Trimborn, Timo
2018 Global vs. group-specific business cycles: The importance of defining the groupsBerger, Tino; Wortmann, Marcus
2018 A multicointegration model of global climate changeBruns, Stephan B.; Csereklyei, Zsuzsanna; Stern, David I.
2018 An economic heory of depression and its impact on health behavior and longevityStrulik, Holger
2017 Building trust by qualification in a market for expert servicesSchneider, Tim; Bizer, Kilian
2017 Smoking kills: An economic theory of addiction, health deficit accumulation, and longevityStrulik, Holger
2017 Effects of qualification in expert markets with price competition and endogenous verifiabilitySchneider, Tim; Bizer, Kilian
2017 Gender differences in honesty: The role of social value orientationGrosch, Kerstin; Rau, Holger
2017 Gender differences in competitive positions: Experimental evidence on job promotionPeterlé, Emmanuel; Rau, Holger A.
2017 An experimental investigation of rating-market regulationKeser, Claudia; Özgümüs, Asri; Peterlé, Emmanuel; Schmidt, Martin
2017 Do I care if you are paid? A field experiment on charitable donationsGneezy, Uri; Rau, Holger; Samek, Anya; Zhurakhovska, Lilia
2017 Optimal social insurance and health inequalityGrossmann, Volker; Strulik, Holger
2017 How we fall apart: Similarities of human aging in 10 European countriesAbeliansky, Ana Lucia; Strulik, Holger
2017 What has caused global business cycle decoupling: Smaller shocks or reduced sensitivity?Berger, Tino; Richter, Julia
2017 Gender differences in motivational crowding out of work perfomanceBenndorf, Volker; Rau, Holger A.; Sölch, Christian
2017 Decisions under uncertainty in social contextsMüller, Stephan; Rau, Holger A.
2017 Physiological constraints and comparative economic developmentDalgaard, Carl-Johan; Strulik, Holger
2017 Heteroskedasticity-robust unit root testing for trending panelsHerwartz, Helmut; Maxand, Simone; Walle, Yabibal M.
2017 Innovation and inequality in a small worldLindner, Ines; Strulik, Holger
Collection's Items (Sorted by Title in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 335
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