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2019 Reference pricing and parallel imports: Evidence from GermanyBirg, Laura
2019 Parallel imports and manufacturer rebates: Evidence from GermanyBirg, Laura
2019 Menstruation hygiene management and work attendance in a developing countryKrenz, Astrid; Strulik, Holger
2018 Be close to me and I will be honest: How social distance influences honestyHermann, Daniel; Ostermaier, Andreas
2018 How season of birth affects health and agingAbeliansky, Ana Lucia; Strulik, Holger
2018 Are international environmental policies effective? The case of the Rotterdam and the Stockholm ConventionsNúñez-Rocha, Thaís; Martínez-Zarzoso, Inmaculada
2018 Boosting taxes for boasting about houses? Status concerns in the housing marketSchünemann, Johannes; Trimborn, Timo
2018 The emergence of the RMB: A "New Normal" for China's exchange rate system?Kunze, Frederik; Basse, Tobias; Wegener, Christoph; Spiwoks, Markus
2018 Foreign investment regulation and firm productivity: Granular evidence from IndonesiaGenthner, Robert; Kis-Katos, Krisztina
2018 Minimizing learning behavior in repeated real-effort tasksBenndorf, Volker; Rau, Holger A.; Sölch, Christian
2018 Hyperbolic discounting can be good for your healthStrulik, Holger; Trimborn, Timo
2018 Lean against the wind or float with the storm? Revisiting the monetary policy asset price nexus by means of a novel statistical identification approachHerwartz, Helmut; Maxand, Simone; Rohloff, Hannes
2018 Illicit drugs and the decline of the middle classGrossmann, Volker; Strulik, Holger
2018 A multicointegration model of global climate changeBruns, Stephan B.; Csereklyei, Zsuzsanna; Stern, David I.
2018 Motivational crowding out effects in charitable giving: Experimental evidenceMüller, Stephan; Rau, Holger A.
2018 I might be a liar, but not a thief: An experimental distinction between the moral costs of lying and stealingHermann, Daniel; Mußhoff, Oliver
2018 Bargaining and the role of negotiators' competitivenessKeser, Claudia; Müller, Stephan; Peterlé, Emmanuel; Rau, Holger A.
2018 Robots, reshoring, and the lot of low-skilled workersKrenz, Astrid; Prettner, Klaus; Strulik, Holger
2018 The economic and health impact of a tax on sugar sweetened beverages (SSBs) in South AfricaGomo, Charity; Birg, Laura
2018 On the determinants of pro-environmental behavior: A guide for further investigationsBlankenberg, Ann-Kathrin; Alhusen, Harm
Collection's Items (Sorted by Title in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 362
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