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2019 Anticipation of deteriorating health and information avoidanceSchünemann, Johannes; Strulik, Holger; Trimborn, Timo
2019 Does it have to be a sacrifice? Different notions of the good life, pro-environmental behavior and their heterogeneous impact on well-beingBinder, Martin; Blankenberg, Ann-Kathrin; Guardiola, Jorge
2019 Reference pricing and parallel imports: Evidence from GermanyBirg, Laura
2019 Parallel imports and manufacturer rebates: Evidence from GermanyBirg, Laura
2019 Menstruation hygiene management and work attendance in a developing countryKrenz, Astrid; Strulik, Holger
2019 From pain patient to junkie: An economic theory of painkiller consumption and its impact on wellbeing and longevityStrulik, Holger
2019 The gender gap in international trade: Female-run firms and the exporter productivity premiumKrenz, Astrid
2019 Firm heterogeneity, productivity, and the extensive margins of trade - differences between manufacturing firms in East and West GermanyKrenz, Astrid
2019 Peer influences and proenvironmental behavior: Panel evidence for the role of regional prevalence and diversityBinder, Martin; Blankenberg, Ann-Kathrin; Welsch, Heinz
2019 Cross-border or online: Tax competition with mobile consumers under destination and origin principleBirg, Laura
2019 Price Caps versus Reimbursement Limits: Pharmaceutical Regulation under Market Integration through Parallel TradeBirg, Laura
2019 Substitution Policy and Generic CompetitionBirg, Laura
2019 Environmental policy and firm selection in the open economyKreickemeier, Udo; Richter, Philipp M.
2019 What drives the location choice of new manufacturing plants in Germany?Krenz, Astrid
2019 Are they coming for us? Industrial robots and the mental health of workersAbeliansky, Ana Lucia; Beulmann, Matthias
2019 Labor supply, taxation and the use of the tax revenues: A real-effort experiment in Canada, France, and GermanyKeser, Claudia; Masclet, David; Montmarquette, Claude
2019 Opioid epidemicsStrulik, Holger
2019 The evolution of morals under indirect reciprocityGaudeul, Alexia; Keser, Claudia; Müller, Stephan
2019 Foreign investment regulation and firm productivity: Granular evidence from IndonesiaGenthner, Robert; Kis-Katos, Krisztina
2019 Exporting and offshoring with monopsonistic competitionEgger, Hartmut; Kreickemeier, Udo; Moser, Christoph; Wrona, Jens
Collection's Items (Sorted by Title in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 382
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