ADB Working Paper Series on Regional Economic Integration, Asian Development Bank (ADB)

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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2014 Why do Countries enter into Preferential Agreements on Trade in Services? Assessing the Potential for Negotiated Regulatory Convergence in Asian Services MarketsSauvé, Pierre; Shingal, Anirudh
2014 Analysis of Informal Obstacles to Cross-Border Economic Activity in Kazakhstan and UzbekistanVakulchuk, Roman; Irnazarov, Farrukh
2014 Terms of Trade, Foreign Direct Investment, and Development: A Case of Intra-Asian "Kicking Away the Ladder"?Wacker, Konstantin M.; Großkurth, Philipp; Lakemann, Tabea
2014 Capital Market Financing for SMEs: A Growing Need in Emerging AsiaShinozaki, Shigehiro
2014 The End of Grand Expectations: Monetary and Financial Integration After the Crisis in EuropeDieter, Heribert
2014 The Nexus between Antidumping Petitions and Exports during the Global Financial Crisis: Evidence on the People’s Republic of ChinaLin, Faqin; Tang, Hsiao Chink; Wang, Lin
2014 Study of Non-Notified Trade Agreements to the World Trade Organization: The Case of Asia and Pacific RegionHamanaka, Shintaro
2014 Explaining Foreign Holdings of Asia’s Debt SecuritiesHorioka, Charles Yuji; Nomoto, Takaaki; Terada-Hagiwara, Akiko
2014 South Caucasus-People's Republic of China Bilateral Free Trade Agreements: Why It MattersHovhanesian, Hasmik; Manasyan, Heghine
2014 Has Regional Integration Led to Greater Risk-Sharing in Asia?Ng, Thiam Hee; Yarcia, Damaris Lee
2014 How Capital Flows Affect Economy-Wide Vulnerability and Inequality: Flow-of-Funds Analysis of Selected Asian EconomiesAzis, Iwan J.; Yarcia, Damaris Lee
2014 The Progress of Paperless Trade in Asia and the Pacific: Enabling International Supply Chain IntegrationHa, Sung Heun; Lim, Sang Won
2014 World Trade Organization Agreement on Trade Facilitation: Assessing the Level of Ambition and Likely ImpactsHamanaka, Shintaro
2014 Equity Home Bias, Financial Integration, and Regulatory Reforms: Implications for Emerging AsiaPark, Cyn-Young; Mercado, Rogelio V.
2014 From Spaghetti Bowl to Jigsaw Puzzle? Addressing the Disarray in the World Trade SystemMenon, Jayant
2014 Assessing the trade impacts of the ASEAN+6 FTA : the case of Lao People’s Democratic RepublicSuvannaphakdy, Sithanonxay; Tang, Hsiao Chink; DiCaprio, Alisa
2014 Trade Policy Challenges in a Small, Open, Fragile, Postconflict Economy: CambodiaHill, Hal; Menon, Jayant
2014 The ASEAN Economy in the Regional Context: Opportunities, Challenges, and Policy OptionsCapannelli, Giovanni
2014 Trans-Pacific Partnership versus Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership: Control of Membership and Agenda SettingHamanaka, Shintaro
2014 Business Cycle Synchronization in Asia: The Role of Financial and Trade LinkagesDai, Yuwen
Collection's Items (Sorted by Title in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 115