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Hajdu, Tamás
Kertesi, Gábor
Kézdi, Gábor
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Budapest Working Papers on the Labour Market BWP - 2014/7
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Using the panel data of the Hungarian Life Course Survey from 2006 through 2012 we analyze the educational attainment of a cohort of Hungarian Roma and non-Roma students. This cohort started high school in 2006. High school dropout rate is 10 percent among non-Roma, whereas nearly 50 percent among Roma students. 75 percent of the non-Roma students take a final maturity exam, and the college attendance rate is 35 percent among them. The corresponding figures for Roma are 24 percent and 5 percent, respectively. The ethnic difference in high school attainment and college attendance are strongly related to the skills gap emerged before high school. However, almost half of the ethnic difference in high school dropout rate remains unexplained. Future studies need to answer the causes of this residual gap.
Roma minority
secondary school drop-outs
college attendance
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Working Paper

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