Budapest Working Papers on the Labour Market, Institute of Economics, Hungarian Academy of Sciences

ISSN: 1785-3788

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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2019 Time preferences and their life outcome correlates: Evidence from a representative surveyHorn, Dániel; Kiss, Hubert János
2019 The panel of linked administrative data of CERS databankSebők, Anna
2018 Demand for secondary school characteristics: Evidence from school choice data in HungaryWouters, Thomas; Hermann, Zoltán; Haelermans, Carla
2018 Educational policies and the gender gap in test scores: A cross-country analysisHermann, Zoltán; Kopasz, Marianna
2018 Increased compulsory school leaving age affects secondary school track choice and increases dropout rates in vocational training schoolsAdamecz-Völgyi, Anna
2018 Gender differences in applying for STEM programs in higher education: Evidence from a policy shift in HungaryDeclercq, Koen; Ghysels, Joris; Varga, Júlia
2018 The effects of increased compulsory school leaving age on the teenage fertility of Roma women, a disadvantaged ethnic minorityAdamecz-Völgyi, Anna; Scharle, Ágota
2018 Does it matter when your smartest peers leave your class? Evidence from HungarySchiltz, Fritz; Mazrekaj, Deni; Horn, Dániel; De Witte, Kristof
2017 Nem kognitív készségek kereslete és kínálata a munkaerőpiaconKároly, Fazekas
2017 Using machine learning to model interaction effects in education: A graphical approachSchiltz, Fritz; Masci, Chiara; Agasisti, Tommaso; Horn, Dániel
2017 Inter-ethnic friendship and hostility between Roma and non-Roma students in Hungary: The role of exposure and academic achievementHajdu, Tamás; Kertesi, Gábor; Kézdi, Gábor
2017 Childcare and maternal labor supply: A cross-country analysis of quasi-experimental estimates from 7 countriesSzabó-Morvai, Ágnes; Lovász, Anna
2017 Performance of Hungarian firms: Are apprentices an asset or a liability? Evidence from a unique matched employer-employee datasetCabus, Sofie; Nagy, Eszter
2017 Which preferences associate with school performance? Lessons from a university classroom experimentHorn, Dániel; Kiss, Hubert János
2017 The impact of parenthood on the gender wage gap: A comparative analysis of 26 European countriesCukrowska-Torzewska, Ewa; Lovász, Anna
2017 The effect of increased general education in vocational schools: Evidence from a Hungarian vocational school reformGhysels, Joris; Hermann, Zoltán; Rud, Iryna; Somers, Melline
2017 Human capital effects of kindergarten and school enrolment timingSzabó-Morvai, Ágnes; Horn, Dániel; Lovász, Anna; De Witte, Kristof
2017 Parental job loss, secondary school completion and home environmentHajdu, Tamás; Kertesi, Gábor; Kézdi, Gábor
2017 EU-wide income inequality in the era of the Great RecessionBenczúr, Péter; Cseres-Gergely, Zsombor; Harasztosi, Péter
2017 Health differences at birth between Roma and non-Roma children in Hungary: Long-run trends and decompositionsHajdu, Tamás; Kertesi, Gábor; Kézdi, Gábor
Collection's Items (Sorted by Title in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 154