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2022 Intertemporal consumption and debt aversion: A replication and extensionAhrens, Steffen; Bosch-Rosa, Ciril; Meissner, Thomas
2022 Estimating growth at risk with skewed stochastic volatility modelsWolf, Elias
2022 The gender gap in lifetime earnings: The role of parenthoodGlaubitz, Rick; Harnack-Eber, Astrid; Wetter, Miriam
2022 On the fade-away of an initial bias in longitudinal surveysRendtel, Ulrich; Alho, Juha M.
2021 A joint top income and wealth distributionSteiner, Viktor; Zhu, Junyi
2021 What drives remittances during a global shock? Evidence from the COVID-19 pandemic in MexicoAmbrosius, Christian; Campos Vázquez, Raymundo M.; Esquivel, Gerardo
2021 Murder nature weather and violent crime in BrazilIshak, Phoebe W.
2021 An economic analysis of the empty nest syndrome: What the leaving child does mattersPiper, Alan T.
2021 Market sentiment, financial fragility, and economic activity: The role of corporate securities issuanceDieckelmann, Daniel
2021 The social (de-)construction of the Corona-pandemic as being a serious threat to society: Insights from a discourse analysis of German tweets until contacts were banned in March 2020Deisner, Jana; Mai, Johanna; Auschra, Carolin
2021 Inflation expectations, inflation target credibility and the COVID-19 pandemic: New evidence from GermanyColeman, Winnie; Nautz, Dieter
2021 The decision to enrol in higher educationHügle, Dominik
2021 Steuerplanung unter Unsicherheit: Eine Befragungsstudie zum BrexitEvers, Andrea; Matthaei, Eva Kristina
2021 Missing growth measurement in GermanySchreiber, Sven; Schmidt, Vanessa
2021 Fairness and competition in a bilateral matching marketBester, Helmut
2021 Belonging or estrangement: The European refugee crisis and its effects on immigrant identityPrömel, Christopher
2021 Inference on the maximal rank of time-varying covariance matrices using high-frequency dataReiß, Markus; Winkelmann, Lars
2021 Tests for jumps in yield spreadsWinkelmann, Lars; Yao, Wenying
2021 Income tax noncompliance in Germany, 2001-2014Fauser, Hannes; Godar, Sarah
2021 Financial statecraft and transaction costs: The case of renminbi internationalizationZucker Marques, Marina
Collection's Items (Sorted by Title in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 436
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