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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2018 Estimating poverty and inequality indicators using interval censored income data from the German microcensusWalter, Paul; Weimer, Katja
2018 Deportations and the roots of gang violence in Central AmericaAmbrosius, Christian
2018 Proxy warsKonyukhovskiy, Pavel V.; Grigoriadis, Theocharis
2018 The distributional impact of social spending in PeruGaentzsch, Anja
2018 Diversity & empire: Baltic Germans & comparative developmentVitola, Alise; Grigoriadis, Theocharis
2018 Optimal procurement of a credence good under limited liabilityBester, Helmut; Yaofu, Ouyang
2018 A rural health supplement to the hookworm intervention in the American SouthFox, Jonathan; Grigoriadis, Theocharis
2018 Switching between different area systems via simulated geocoordinates: A case study for student residents in BerlinGroß, Marcus; Rendtel, Ulrich; Schmid, Timo; Tzavidis, Nikos
2018 Simulated geo-coordinates as a tool for map-based regional analysisGroß, Marcus; Rendtel, Ulrich; Schmid, Timo; Bömermann, Hartmut; Erfurth, Kerstin
2018 Are bootstrapped cointegration test findings unreliable?Schreiber, Sven
2018 Aristotle vs. Plato: The distributive origins of the Cold WarGrigoriadis, Theocharis
2018 Signaling versus costly information acquisitionBester, Helmut; Lang, Matthias; Li, Jianpei
2018 The information content of inflation swap rates for the long-term inflation expectations of professionals: Evidence from a MIDAS analysisHanoma, Ahmed; Nautz, Dieter
2018 Intergenerational transfers: How do they shape the German wealth distribution?von Werder, Marten
2018 An economic cost-benefit analysis of a general speed limit on German highwaysThiedig, Johannes
2017 Biased by success and failure: How unemployment shapes stated locus of controlPreuss, Malte; Hennecke, Juliane
2017 Governance in integrierten, IT-unterstützten Versorgungskonzepten im Gesundheitswesen: Eine Analyse aktueller sowie zukünftig möglicher Governancestrukturen und -mechnismen. Projekt Bea@HomeVogt, Charlotte; Gersch, Martin; Gertz, Cordelia
2017 Geschäftsmodelle und Wertschöpfungsarchitekturen intersektoraler, IT-unterstützter Versorgungskonzepte im Gesundheitswesen. Projekt Bea@HomeVogt, Charlotte; Gersch, Martin; Koch, Hanni
2017 Do conditional cash transfers (CCT) raise educational attainment? A case study of Juntos in PeruGaentzsch, Anja
2017 Embedding as a pitfall for survey-based welfare indicators: Evidence from an experimentHetschko, Clemens; von Reumont, Louisa; Schöb, Ronnie
Collection's Items (Sorted by Title in Descending order): 21 to 40 of 396
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