IMK Working Papers, Institut für Makroökonomie und Konjunkturforschung (IMK), Hans-Böckler-Stiftung

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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2021 Do corporate tax cuts boost economic growth?Gechert, Sebastian; Heimberger, Philipp
2021 Germany's labour market in coronavirus distress - New challenges to safeguarding employmentHerzog-Stein, Alexander; Nüß, Patrick; Peede, Lennert; Stein, Ulrike
2021 Risk sharing revisited: Empirics and conceptsHarms, Patrick Christian
2021 Dissecting the COVID19 supply shock: Which role did school closures play? Lessons from unique survey data in GermanyDullien, Sebastian; Kohlrausch, Bettina
2021 The effects of fiscal policy on households during the COVID-19 pandemic: Evidence from emerging economiesDzung Bui; Dräger, Lena; Hayo, Bernd; Giang Hong Nghiem
2020 The systemic risk of corporate credit securitization revisitedLojak, Benjamin; Theobald, Thomas
2020 Missing growth measurement in GermanySchreiber, Sven; Schmidt, Vanessa
2020 Are working hours a new driver of inequality? On the relation between hours inequality, earnings inequality, and collective bargaining in GermanyGerold, Stefanie; Stein, Ulrike
2020 Fiscal rules in good times and badPaetz, Christoph
2019 Preferences over wealth: Experimental evidenceGechert, Sebastian; Siebert, Jan
2019 On (bootstrapped) cointegration tests in partial systemsSchreiber, Sven
2019 Factor shares and the rise in corporate net lendingBehringer, Jan
2019 Short-term macroeconomic evaluation of the German minimum wage with a VAR/VECMHerzog-Stein, Alexander; Logeay, Camille
2019 Death to the Cobb-Douglas production functionGechert, Sebastian; Havránek, Tomáš; Havránková, Zuzana; Kolcunova, Dominika
2019 The real-time information content of financial stress and bank lending on European business cyclesFiedler, Jakob; Ruzicka, Josef; Theobald, Thomas
2019 The corporate sector and the current accountBehringer, Jan; Van Treeck, Till
2018 Changes of the price level and the nominal exchange rate can have quite different impacts on the trade balanceLindner, Fabian
2018 Euro area sovereign yield spreads as determinants of private sector borrowing costsTheobald, Thomas; Tober, Silke
2018 Revisiting debt-led and export-led growth models: A sectoral balances approachBehringer, Jan; van Treeck, Till
2018 FEP - the forecast evaluation package for gretl: Based on FEP version 2.1Tarassow, Artur; Schreiber, Sven
Collection's Items (Sorted by Title in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 211