IMK Working Papers, Institut für Makroökonomie und Konjunkturforschung (IMK), Hans-Böckler-Stiftung

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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2017 Why have the recent oil price declines not stimulated global economic growth?Theobald, Thomas; Hohlfeld, Peter
2017 Euro area imbalances: How much could an expansion in the North help the South?Picek, Oliver; Schröder, Enno
2017 Assessing the cross-country interaction of financial cycles: Evidence from a multivariate spectral analysis of the US and the UKStrohsal, Till; Proaño Christian R.; Wolters, Jürgen
2017 Evaluating the predicting power of ordered probit models for multiple business cycle phases in the U.S. and JapanProaño, Christian R.; Tarassow, Artur
2017 Characterizing the financial cycle: Evidence from a frequency domain analysisStrohsal, Till; Proaño, Christian R.; Wolters, Jürgen
2017 Dissecting the financial cycle with dynamic factor modelsMenden, Christian; Proaño, Christian R.
2017 Duration dependence as an unemployment stigma: Evidence from a field experiment in GermanyNüß, Patrick
2017 Macroeconomic factors behind financial instability: Evidence from Granger causality testsBehringer, Jan; Stephan, Sabine; Theobald, Thomas
2017 Long-term effects of fiscal stimulus and austerity in EuropeGechert, Sebastian; Horn, Gustav A.; Paetz, Christoph
2017 Macroeconomic and stock market interactions with endogenous aggregate sentiment dynamicsFlaschel, Peter; Charpe, Matthieu; Galanis, Giorgos; Proaño, Christian R.; Veneziani, Roberto
2017 Earnings inequality in Germany: A decomposition-analysisStein, Ulrike
2016 Does self-perceptions and income inequality match? The case of subjective social statusPoppitz, Philipp
2016 Inequality and growth in neo-Kaleckian and Cambridge growth theoryPalley, Thomas I.
2016 Adjusting production indices for varying weather effectsHaustein, Erik; Schreiber, Sven
2016 A narrative account of legislated social security changes for GermanyGechert, Sebastian; Paetz, Christoph; Villanueva, Paloma
2016 The golden rule of public investment: A necessary and sufficient reform of the EU fiscal framework?Truger, Achim
2016 Inequality and the New DealBelabed, Christian A.
2016 Zero lower bound (ZLB) economics: The fallacy of New Keynesian explanations of stagnationPalley, Thomas I.
2016 Top-down vs. bottom-up? Reconciling the effects of tax and transfer shocks on outputGechert, Sebastian; Paetz, Christoph; Villanueva, Paloma
2016 Assessing causality and delay within a frequency bandBreitung, Jörg; Schreiber, Sven
Collection's Items (Sorted by Title in Descending order): 21 to 40 of 205