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Ricci, Luca Antonio
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Diskussionsbeiträge: Serie II, Sonderforschungsbereich 178 "Internationalisierung der Wirtschaft", Universität Konstanz 309
This paper provides a new model of firm's location choices. It integrates a Ricardian model of comparative advantage with the location effects deriving from trade costs, increasing returns to scale, product differentiation, and monopolistic competition. In a two-region, two-differentiated-good, one-factor framework, the regional degree of specialization depends positively on the extent of the comparative advantage in productivity and on the degree of returns to scale; it depends negatively on the magnitude of the trade costs. Hence, the model accommodates high levels of intra-industry trade among countries with similar level of development, as well as high levels of inter-industry trade among countries with different technologies.
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Working Paper

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