Tinbergen Institute Discussion Papers

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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2020 Commit to a credible path of rising CO2 pricesvan Wijnbergen, Sweder; van der Ploeg, Rick; Olijslagers, Stan
2020 Risk attitude and air pollution: Evidence from chessKlingen, Joris; van Ommeren, Jos
2020 Seasonal Home Advantage in English Professional Football; 1973-2018Peeters, Thomas; van Ours, Jan C.
2020 If Sick-Leave becomes More Costly, Will I go back to Work? Could it be too soon?Marie, Olivier; Vall Castello, Judit
2020 Who benefits from transfers?Hoey, Samuel; Peeters, Thomas; Principe, Francesco
2020 Individual weighted excess and least square valuesZhang, Xia; van den Brink, Rene; Estevez-Fernandez, Arantza; Sun, Hao
2020 The Jacobian of the exponential functionMagnus, Jan R.; Pijls, Henk G.J.; Sentana, Enrique
2020 All symmetric equilibria in differential games with public goodsJaakkola, Niko; Wagener, Florian
2020 How Costly is using Livestock as a Saving Device? A Note on Meat Prices during Food ShortagesZant, Wouter
2020 On the Influence of Top JournalsDuctor, Lorenzo; Goyal, Sanjeev; van der Leij, Marco J.; Paez, Gustavo Nicolas
2020 Sampling properties of the Bayesian posterior mean with an application to WALS estimationLuca, Giuseppe De; Magnus, Jan R.; Peracchi, Franco
2020 Using admission lotteries to estimate heterogeneous effects of elite schoolsOosterbeek, Hessel; Ruijs, Nienke; de Wolf, Inge
2020 Sharing the Surplus and Proportional ValuesZou, Zhengxing; van den Brink, Rene
2020 Dutch municipal elections 1998-2018: more localism and fragmentationGradus, Raymond; Dijkgraaf, Elbert; Budding, Tjerk
2020 Peaceful Agreements to Share a Rivervan den Brink, Rene; Nevrekar, Saish
2019 State-aided Price Coordination in the Dutch Mortgage MarketDijkstra, Mark A.; Schinkel, Maarten-Pieter
2019 Cognitive Biases and Consumer SentimentKole, Erik; Noordegraaf-Eelens, Liesbeth; Vringer, Bas
2019 Autonomous, Connected, Electric Shared vehicles (ACES) and public finance: an explorative analysisAdler, Martin W; Peer, Stefanie; Sinozic, Tanja
2019 An introduction to Participatory Value EvaluationMouter, Niek; Koster, Paul; Dekker, Thijs
2019 The Heterogeneous Effects of Early Track Assignment on Cognitive and Non-cognitive SkillsCotofan, Maria; Diris, Ron; Schils, Trudie
Collection's Items (Sorted by Title in Descending order): 21 to 40 of 2833