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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2021 Permissioned distributed ledgers and the governance of moneyAuer, Raphael A.; Monnet, Cyril; Shin, Hyun Song
2021 Mapping an information design game into an all-pay auctionMuratov, Oleg
2021 The welfare costs of inflationBenati, Luca; Nicolini, Juan Pablo
2021 The joint dynamics of money and credit multipliers since the gold standard eraBenati, Luca
2021 Attention please!: Health plan choice and (in-)attentionBischof, Tamara; Gerfin, Michael; Müller, Tobias
2021 Cartel stability in times of low interest ratesLenhard, Severin
2021 Searching for hysteresisBenati, Luca; Lubik, Thomas A.
2021 A new approach to estimating the natural rate of interestBenati, Luca
2021 Imperfect competition with costly disposalLenhard, Severin
2021 All-pay auctions with reserve price and bid capMuratov, Oleg
2021 Long-run evidence on the quantity theory of moneyBenati, Luca
2021 Advance selling in the wake of entryCeschi, Nadia; Möller, Marc
2021 Life-cycle inequality: Blacks and whites differentials in life expectancy, savings, income, and consumptionDe Giorgi, Giacomo; Gambetti, Luca; Naguib, Costanza
2020 Teacher content knowledge in developing countries: Evidence from a math assessment in El SalvadorBrunetti, Aymo; Büchel, Konstantin; Jakob, Martina; Jann, Ben; Kühnhanss, Christoph; Steffen, Daniel
2020 The relative effectiveness of teachers and learning software: Evidence from a field experiment in El SalvadorBüchel, Konstantin; Jakob, Martina; Kühnhanss, Christoph; Steffen, Daniel; Brunetti, Aymo
2020 On the optimality of price-posting in rental marketsBeccuti, Juan
2020 On the optimal "lockdown" during an epidemicGonzalez-Eiras, Martín; Niepelt, Dirk
2020 Tractable epidemiological models for economic analysisGonzalez-Eiras, Martín; Niepelt, Dirk
2020 In the eye of the storm: Firms, putty-clay and capital destructionPelli, Martino; Tschopp, Jeanne; Bezmaternykh, Natalia; Eklou, Kodjovi M.
2020 Optimal contest design: A general approachLetina, Igor; Liu, Shuo; Netzer, Nick
Collection's Items (Sorted by Title in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 161