SERIEs - Journal of the Spanish Economic Association, Springer

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2018 Hierarchical bank supervisionRepullo, Rafael
2018 Are Euro-Area expectations about recession phases effective to anticipate consequences of economic crises?Rubilar-González, Marco; Pino, Gabriel
2018 Contribution of demography to economic growthSánchez-Romero, Miguel; Abio, Gemma; Patxot, Concepció; Souto, Guadalupe
2018 Growing by learning: Firm-level evidence on the size-productivity nexusMoral-Benito, Enrique
2018 Explaining job polarisation in Spain from a task perspectiveSebastian, Raquel
2018 A simple dynamic contest with a parameterized strength of competitionGarcía-Martínez, José A.
2018 Discrimination without taste: How discrimination can spillover and persistRamachandran, Rajesh; Rauh, Christopher
2018 Price dispersion, chain heterogeneity, and search in online grocery marketsGonzález, Xulia; Miles-Touya, Daniel
2018 Impossibility theorems with countably many individualsNinjbat, Uuganbaatar
2018 Fiscal centralization: A remedy for corruption?Rosselló Villalonga, Joan
2018 Classifying bounded rationality in limited data sets: A Slutsky matrix approachAguiar, Victor H.; Serrano, Roberto
2018 Television and electoral results in CataloniaDurán, Iván M.
2018 Estimating output gap: A beauty contest approachCuerpo, Carlos; Cuevas, Ángel; Quilis, Enrique M.
2018 Income, consumption and wealth inequality in SpainAnghel, Brindusa; Basso, Henrique; Bover, Olympia; Casado, José María; Hospido, Laura; Izquierdo, Mario; Kataryniuk, Ivan A.; Lacuesta, Aitor; Montero, José Manuel; Vozmediano, Elena
2018 Does trade openness influence the real effective exchange rate? New evidence from panel time-seriesGantman, Ernesto R.; Dabós, Marcelo P.
2018 Voting with your feet: Migration flows and happinessMarques, Helena; Pino, Gabriel; Tena, J. D.
2018 On the stability of buyer groups under key account managementAntelo, Manel; Bru, Lluís
2017 Cognitive skills and the LOGSE reform in Spain: Evidence from PIAACRobles-Zurita, José A.
2017 The granularity of Spanish exportsde Lucio, Juan; Mínguez, Raúl; Minondo, Asier; Requena, Francisco
2017 The short-term debt choice under asymmetric informationAbad, David; Sánchez-Ballesta, Juan Pedro; Yagüe, José
Publikationen (sortiert nach Titel in absteigender Richtung): 1 bis 20 von 176