Working Paper Series, Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta

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2021 The S-curve: Understanding the dynamics of worldwide financial liberalizationLi, Nan; Papageorgiou, Chris; Xu, Tong; Zha, Tao
2021 Mortgage prepayment, race, and monetary policyGerardi, Kristopher; Willen, Paul; Zhang, David Hao
2021 Spoils of war: Trade shocks and segmented labor markets in Spain during WWIFuchs, Simon
2021 Impact of the 2017 tax cuts and jobs act on labor supply and welfare of married householdsHotchkiss, Julie L.; Moore, Robert E.; Rios-Avila, Fernando
2021 Political connections, allocation of stimulus spending, and the jobs multiplierChoi, Joonkyu; Penciakova, Veronika; Saffie, Felipe
2021 Unit cost expectations and uncertainty: Firms' perspectives on inflationMeyer, Brent H.; Parker, Nicholas B.; Sheng, Xuguang
2021 Taxes, subsidies, and gender gaps in hours and wagesDuval-Hernández, Robert; Fang, Lei; Ngai, Liwa Rachel
2021 Near-rational equilibria in heterogeneous-agent models: A verification methodKogan, Leonid; Mitra, Indrajit
2021 Improved estimation of poisson rate distributions through a multi-mode survey designHitczenko, Marcin
2021 How people pay each other: Data, theory, and calibrationsGreene, Claire; Prescott, Brian; Shy, Oz
2021 Estimating occupation- and location-specific wages over the life cycleIlin, Elias; Terry, Ellyn
2021 How important is health inequality for lifetime earnings inequality?Hosseini, Roozbeh; Kopecky, Karen A.; Zhao, Kai
2021 The "Matthew effect" and market concentration: Search complementarities and monopsony powerFernández-Villaverde, Jesús; Mandelman, Federico S.; Yu, Yang; Zanetti, Francesco
2021 Consumption and hours between the United States and FranceFang, Lei; Yang, Fang
2021 Sample bias related to household roleHitczenko, Marcin
2021 Division of financial responsibility among mixed-gender couplesHitczenko, Marcin
2021 COVID-19 and SMEs: A 2021 "time bomb"?Gourinchas, Pierre-Olivier; Kalemli-Ozcan, Sebnem; Penciakova, Veronika; Sander, Nick
2021 Business formation: A tale of two recessionsDinlersoz, Ermin; Dunne, Timothy; Haltiwanger, John C.; Penciakova, Veronika
2021 Pandemic-era uncertainty on Main Street and Wall StreetMeyer, Brent; Mihaylov, Emil; Davis, Steven J.; Parker, Nicholas; Altig, David; Barrero, Jose Maria; Bloom, Nicholas
2021 COVID-19 is a persistent reallocation shockBarrero, Jose Maria; Bloom, Nicholas; Davis, Steven J.; Meyer, Brent H.
Collection's Items (Sorted by Title in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 652