Working Paper Series, Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta

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2015 Multivariate return decomposition: Theory and implicationsAnatolyev, Stanislav; Gospodinov, Nikolay
2015 Cross-border banking on the two sides of the Atlantic: Does it have an impact on bank crisis management?Nieto, Maria J.; Wall, Larry D.
2015 The impact on employment and hours of allowing sunday alcohol sales in GeorgiaHotchkiss, Julie L.; Qi, Yanling
2015 Fitting a distribution to survey data for the half-life of deviations from PPPFisher, Mark
2015 Assessing the macroeconomic impact of bank intermediation shocks: A structural approachChen, Kaiji; Zha, Tao
2015 Liquidity backstops and dynamic debt runsWei, Bin; Yue, Vivian Z.
2015 Foreign exchange predictability during the financial crisis: Implications for carry trade profitabilityAnatolyev, Stanislav; Gospodinov, Nikolay; Jamali, Ibrahim; Liu, Xiaochun
2015 Project modifications and bidding in highway procurement auctionsDe Silva, Dakshina G.; Dunne, Timothy; Kosmopoulou, Georgia; Lamarche, Carlos
2015 Robust estimation of nonstationary, fractionally integrated, autoregressive, stochastic volatilityJensen, Mark J.
2015 Asymptotic variance approximations for invariant estimators in uncertain asset-pricing modelsGospodinov, Nikolay; Kan, Raymond; Robotti, Cesare
2015 The inflation expectations of firms: What do they look like, are they accurate, and do they matter?Bryan, Michael F.; Meyer, Brent H.; Parker, Nicholas B.
2015 Will talent attraction and retention improve metropolitan labor markets? The labor market impact of increased educational attainment in U.S. metropolitan regions 1990 - 2010Andreason, Stuart
2015 The rescue of Fannie Mae and Freddie MacFrame, W. Scott; Fuster, Andreas; Tracy, Joseph; Vickery, James
2015 Trends and cycles in China's macroeconomyChang, Chun; Chen, Kaiji; Waggoner, Daniel F.; Zha, Tao
2015 The failure of supervisory stress testing: Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, and OFHEOFrame, W. Scott; Gerardi, Kristopher; Willen, Paul S.
2015 Lessons for forecasting unemployment in the United States: Use flow rates, mind the trendMeyer, Brent; Tasci, Murat
2014 Inference based on SVARs identified with sign and zero restrictions: Theory and applicationsArias, Jonas E.; Rubio-Ramírez, Juan F.; Waggoner, Daniel F.
2014 Home hours in the United States and EuropeFang, Lei; McDaniel, Cara
2014 GDPNow: A model for GDP "nowcasting"Higgins, Patrick
2014 The effect of large investors on asset quality: Evidence from subprime mortgage securitiesAdelino, Manuel; Frame, W. Scott; Gerardi, Kristopher S.
Collection's Items (Sorted by Title in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 534