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2021 Still flying blind after all these years: The Federal Reserve's continuing experiments with unobservablesPapadimitriou, Dimitri Basil; Wray, L. Randall
2021 Can Biden build back better? Yes, if he abandons fiscal "pay fors"Nersisyan, Yeva; Wray, L. Randall
2021 Another Bretton Woods reform moment: Let us look seriously at the clearing unionKregel, Jan A.
2020 Multidimensional inequality and COVID-19 in BrazilPires, Luiza Nassif; Carvalho, Laura; Rawet, Eduardo
2020 Crisis, austerity, and fiscal expenditure in Greece: Recent experience and future prospects in the post-COVID-19 eraNikiforos, Michalis
2020 Moral hazard in a modern federationWilliams, Alex
2020 Pandemic of inequalityPires, Luiza Nassif; Xavier, Laura de Lima; Masterson, Thomas; Nikiforos, Michalis; Rios-Avila, Fernando
2020 Can we afford the Green New Deal?Nersisyan, Yeva; Wray, L. Randall
2020 The impact of technological innovations on money and financial marketsKregel, Jan A.; Savona, Paolo
2019 Globalization, nationalism, and clearing systemsKregel, Jan A.
2018 European sovereign bond-backed securities: An assessment and an alternative proposalTonveronachi, Mario
2018 Stagnating economic well-being and unrelenting inequality: Post-2000 trends in the United StatesZacharias, Ajit; Masterson, Thomas; Rios-Avila, Fernando
2017 Brazil still in troubled watersde Carvalho, Fernando J. Cardim
2017 Full employment: Are we there yet?Dantas, Flavia; Wray, L. Randall
2017 A two-tier eurozone or a euro of regions? A radical proposal based on Keynes's clearing unionKregel, Jan A.
2016 What we could have learned from the New Deal in confronting the recent global recessionKregel, Jan A.
2015 The ECB, the single financial market, and a revision of the euro area fiscal rulesTonveronachi, Mario
2015 Emerging market economies and the reform of the international financial architecture: Back to the futureKregel, Jan
2014 Can child-care subsidies reduce poverty? Assessing the Korean experience using the Levy Institute Measure of Time and Income PovertyZacharias, Ajit; Masterson, Thomas; Kim, Kijong
2014 After austerity: Measuring the impact of a job guarantee policy for GreeceAntonopoulos, Rania; Adam, Sofia; Kim, Kijong; Masterson, Thomas; Papadimitriou, Dimitri B.
Collection's Items (Sorted by Title in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 156