WIDER Working Papers, World Institute for Development Economics Research (UNU-WIDER), United Nations University

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2019 Learning from the "best": The impact of tax-benefit systems in AfricaBargain, Olivier; Jara, H. Xavier; Kwenda-Magejo, Prudence; Ntuli, Miracle
2019 The contribution of services to trade and development in Southern AfricaVisagie, Justin; Turok, Ivan
2019 Subsidized labour and firms: Investment, profitability, and leverageMarcelin, Isaac; Brink, Daniel; Fadiran, David Oluwatosin; Amusa, Hammed Adedeji
2019 The wage-setting power of firms: Rent-sharing and monopsony in South AfricaBassier, Ihsaan
2019 South African gold mining and local procurement in Tanzania and GhanaSmith, Michael Nassen; Osborne, Carilee; Moola, Zunaid; Turok, Ben
2019 Key behavioural characteristics of small-business owners: A lab-in-the-field experiment in MyanmarRand, John; Castro Rodriguez, Paula; Tarp, Finn; Trifkovic, Neda
2019 Income redistribution in Latin America: A microsimulation approachArancibia Romero, Cristina; Dondo, Mariana; Jara, H. Xavier; Macas Romero, David; Oliva, Nicolás; Riella, Rebeca; Rodriguez, David; Urraburu, Joana
2019 An analysis of school dropout in Mozambique, 2014-15Mambo, Félix; Basso, Maren; Salvucci, Vincenzo; Santos, Ricardo
2019 Colonial origin, ethnicity, and intergeneration mobility in AfricaFunjika, Patricia; Getachew, Yoseph Yilma
2019 Globotics and development: When manufacturing is jobless and services are tradableBaldwin, Richard E.; Forslid, Rikard
2019 Self-selection of Mexican migrants in the presence of random shocks: Evidence from the Panic of 1907Escamilla-Guerrero, David; Lopez-Alonso, Moramay
2019 The impact of foreign aid on maternal mortalityBanchani, Emmanuel; Swiss, Liam
2019 Spreading the gains? Prospects and policies for the development of regional value chains in Southern AfricaBlack, Anthony H.; Edwards, Lawrence; Ismail, Faizel; Makundi, Brian; Morris, Michael L.
2019 The distributional impact of structural transformation in rural India: Model-based simulation and case-study evidenceElbers, Chris; Lanjouw, Peter
2019 Agglomeration and productivity in South Africa: Evidence from firm-level dataAmusa, Hammed Adedeji; Wabiri, Njeri; Fadiran, David Oluwatosin
2019 Economic approach to intergenerational mobility: Measures, methods, and challenges in developing countriesEmran, M. Shahe; Shilpi, Forhad Jahan
2019 The impact of a higher leverage ratio on the South African economyDavies, Robert H.; Harris, Laurence; Makrelov, Konstantin
2019 Institutional bypass and aid effectiveness in AfricaChasukwa, Michael; Banik, Dan
2019 Involuntary migration, inequality, and integration: National and subnational influencesGisselquist, Rachel M.
2019 Marriage, work, and migration: The role of infrastructure development and gender normsAmirapu, Amrit; Asadullah, Mohammad Niaz; Wahhaj, Zaki
Collection's Items (Sorted by Title in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 1474