IAMO Forum 2011: Will the "BRICs Decade" Continue? – Prospects for Trade and Growth, Leibniz-Institut für Agrarentwicklung in Transformationsökonomien (IAMO)

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2011 Green jobs and decent work: An agenda for sustainable agriculture in IndiaSharma, Harsh
2011 Costly posturing: Relative status, ceremonies and early child developmentChen, Xi; Zhang, Xiaobo
2011 Status and development in the dairy sector in the BRICRamanovich, Mikhail; Ndambi, Asaah; Hemme, Torsten
2011 Patterns and determinants of agro-food trade of the BRIC countries: The role of institutionBojnec, Štefan; Fertő, Imre; Fogarasi, József
2011 An empirical model of the environmental effect of FDI in host countries: Analysis based on Chinese panel dataYang, Boqiong; Chen, Jianguo
2011 Applying the payment card approach to estimate the WTP for green food in ChinaTian, Xu; Yu, Xiaohua; Holst, Rainer
2011 Trade induced growth impacts of corporate entry in the food sector: A case study of fruits and vegetables sub sector in the Punjab State of IndiaGoel, Veena
2011 Resilience of Indian agriculture to external shocks: Analyzing through a structural econometric modelBathla, Seema
2011 Governmental learning as a determinant of economic growthGruševaja, Marina
2011 Border effects on spatial price transmission between fresh tomato markets in Ghana and Burkina-Faso: Any case for promoting trans-border trade in West Africa?Amikuzuno, Joseph
2011 Trade integration, restructuring and global imbalances: A tale of two countriesTeng, Faxin; Kamenev, Dmitry; Meier, Claudia; Klein, Martin
2011 Similarity and income content at the international trade: The case of BRICS during the period 2000/09da Silva, Orlando Monteiro; Drumond, Rafael Rodrigues; de Almeida, Fernanda Maria
2011 Trends and prospects of Lithuania's trade in agricultural and food products with BRICsBogdanov, Andrej; Petuchova, Tamara
2011 Strategies and challenges of internationalisation in BRIC-countries: Empirical results from the German agribusinessHeyder, Matthias; Theuvsen, Ludwig
2011 Machinery investment decision and off-farm employment in rural ChinaJi, Yueqing; Zhong, Funing; Yu, Xiaohua
2011 Latin America's agricultural exports to China: Recent trendsCaballero, Jorge; O'Connor, Ernesto; Amado, Blanca
2011 The end of an era? The medium- and long-term effects of the global crisis on growth in low-income countriesBerg, Andrew; Papageorgiou, Chris; Pattillo, Catherine; Spatafora, Nicola
2011 Does accounting for inefficiency affect the time-varying short and long-run returns to scale?Shaik, Saleem
2011 Making agricultural support more objective-oriented: Linear programming approach for UkraineVysotskyi, Taras
2011 Technical efficiency in the Chilean agribusiness sectorRivera Aedo, Edinson; Lakner, Sebastian; Brümmer, Bernhard
Collection's Items (Sorted by Title in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 25
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