School of Economics Discussion Papers, University of Kent

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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2017 Targeted fiscal policy to increase employment and wages of unskilled workersAngelopoulos, Konstantinos; Jiang, Wei; Malley, James R.
2017 Justice delayed is growth denied: The effect of slow courts on relationship-specific industries in IndiaAmirapu, Amrit
2017 Lost in the storm: The academic collaborations that went missing in hurricane IsaacCampos, Raquel; de Leon, Fernanda Leite Lopez; McQuillin, Ben
2017 Regional business cycle and growth features of JapanInaba, Masaru; Otsu, Keisuke
2017 Spatial differentiation for sample selection modelsKlein, Alexander; Nguembu, Guy Tchuente
2017 The willingness to pay for organic attributes in the UKGschwandtner, Adelina; Burton, Michael P.
2017 Why does the productivity of investment vary across countries?Nell, Kevin S.; Thirlwall, Anthony P.
2017 Industry volatility and international tradeArdelean, Adina; León-Ledesma, Miguel A.; Puzzello, Laura
2017 The determinants of international migration in early modern Europe: Evidence from the maritime sector, c. 1700-1800Klein, Alexander; Van Lottum, Jelle
2017 Cash for votes: Evidence from IndiaMitra, Anirban; Mitra, Shabana; Mukherji, Arnab
2017 Why did socialist economies fail?Vonyó, Tamás; Klein, Alexander
2016 Is there a mission drift in microfinance? Some new empirical evidence from UgandaDarko, Francis Awuku
2016 The rise of the service economy and the real return on capitalLeón-Ledesma, Miguel A.; Moro, Alessio
2016 Spillovers of community-based health interventions on consumption smoothingFitzsimons, Emla; Malde, Bansi; Vera-Hernández, Marcos
2016 Government spending multipliers in natural resource-rich developing countriesNganou, Jean-Pascal Nguessa; Somé, Juste; Tchuente Nguembu, Guy
2016 Production and endogenous bankruptcy under collateral constraintsLeón-Ledesma, Miguel A.; Orrillo, Jaime
2016 Appropriate technology and balanced growthLeón-Ledesma, Miguel A.; Satchi, Mathan
2016 On the relationship between lifestyle and happiness in the UKGschwandtner, Adelina; Jewell, Sarah L.; Kambhampati, Uma S.
2016 What drives firm profitability? A comparison of the US and EU food processing industryGschwandtner, Adelina; Hirsch, Stefan
2016 Estimation of social interaction models using regularizationTchuente Nguembu, Guy
Collection's Items (Sorted by Title in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 310