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2018 Money circulation and debt circulation: A restatement of quantity theory of moneyXing, Xiaoyun; Xiong, Wanting; Chen, Liujun; Chen, Jiawei; Wang, Yougui; Stanley, H. Eugene
2018 Attracting FDI in middle-skilled supply chainsMoran, Theodore; Görg, Holger; Serič, Adnan; Krieger-Boden, Christiane
2018 Reducing inequalities and strengthening social cohesion through inclusive growth: A roadmap for actionBoarini, Romina; Causa, Orsetta; Fleurbaey, Marc; Grimalda, Gianluca; Woolard, Ingrid
2018 Innovative green-technology SMEs as an opportunity to promote financial de-riskingVerdolini, Elena; Bak, Céline; Ruet, Joël; Venkatachalam, Anbumozhi
2018 Circular economy measures to keep plastics and their value in the economy, avoid waste and reduce marine litterten Brink, Patrick; Schweitzer, Jean-Pierre; Watkins, Emma; Janssens, Charlotte; De Smet, Michiel; Leslie, Heather; Galgani, François
2018 A parametric social security system with skills heterogeneous agentsThomaidou, Fotini
2018 What accounts for the increase in female labor force participation in SpainOsuna, Victoria
2018 Technological development and software piracyMartínez-Sánchez, Francisco; Romeu, Andrés
2018 Income inequality and saving in a class society: The role of ordinal statusHaagsma, Rein
2018 Cheap talk by multiple speakers in the presence of network externalitiesChung, Jeahan; Kim, Jeong-Yoo
2018 Religious roles in refugee resettlement: Pertinent experience and insights, addressed to G20 membersMarshall, Katherine; Casey, Shaun; Fitzgibbon, Attalah; Karam, Azza M.; Lyck-Bowen, Majbritt; Nitschke, Ulrich; Owen, Mark; Phiri, Isabel Apawo; Quatrucci, Alberto; Soetendorp, Rabbi Awraham; Vitillo, Robert J.; Wilson, Erin
2018 Engaging religious actors in addressing famine emergenciesMarshall, Katherine; Abu-Nimer, Mohammed; Durham, Cole; Kurian, Manoj; Nitschke, Ulrich; Spence, Arnhild; Soetendorp, Rabbi Awraham
2018 Labour contracts and stepping-stone effect in Italy: A multinomial analysisBosco, Maria Giovanna; Valeriani, Elisa
2018 SDGs, health and the G20: A vision for public policyNeupane, Sunisha; Boutilier, Zoe; Kickbusch, Ilona; Mehdi, Ali; Sangiorgio, Miriam; Told, Michaela; Taylor, Peter
2018 Improving quality of life through sustainable energy and urban infrastructure in AfricaMutanga, Shingirirai Savious; Quitzow, Rainer; Steckel, Jan Christoph
2017 Financial frictions and regime switching: The role of collateral asset in emerging stock marketAwijen, Haithem; Hammami, Sami
2017 Does investor attention matter? The attention-return relation in gold futures marketHan, Liyan; Xu, Yang; Yin, Libo
2017 Toward a global norm against manipulating the integrity of financial dataMaurer, Tim; Levite, Ariel; Perkovich, George
2017 Towards a comprehensive approach to climate policy, sustainable infrastructure, and financeBak, Céline; Bhattacharya, Amar; Edenhofer, Ottmar; Knopf, Brigitte
2017 More financial burden-sharing for developing countries that host refugeesLücke, Matthias; Schneiderheinze, Claas
Collection's Items (Sorted by Title in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 651
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