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2020The delimitation of Giffenity for the Wold-Juréen (1953) utility function using relative prices: A noteSproule, Robert A.
2020Keynes's investment theory as a micro-foundation for his grandchildrenNisticò, Sergio
2020The sources of the evolution of China's provincial economic gap: A green economic growth accounting perspectiveYang, Wenju; Long, Ruiyun
2020A comment on the dynamic factor model with dynamic factorsPoncela, Pilar; Ruiz, Esther
2020A replication of "A quasi-maximum likelihood approach for large, approximate dynamic factor models" (Review of Economics and Statistics, 2012)Lucchetti, Riccardo; Venetis, Ioannis A.
2020The portfolio theory of inflation and policy (in)effectiveness revisited: Corroborating evidenceBossone, Biagio; Cuccia, Andrea
2019Composition of taxes and growth: Evidence from OECD panel dataLuo, Weijie
2019A new and benign hegemon on the horizon? The Chinese century and growth in the global SouthNguyenHuua, Tam; Karaman Örsal, Deniz Dilan
2019Global sourcing, firm size and export survivalBandick, Roger
2019Growth prospects, the natural interest rate, and monetary policyFiedler, Salomon; Gern, Klaus-Jürgen; Jannsen, Nils; Wolters, Maik H.
2019Inference in economic experimentsHirschauer, Norbert; Grüner, Sven; Mußhoff, Oliver; Becker, Claudia
2019Overpricing persistence in experimental asset markets with intrinsic uncertaintySornette, Didier; Andraszewicz, Sandra; Wu, Ke; Murphy, Ryan O.; Rindler, Philipp; Sanadgol, Dorsa
2019Do remittances worsen export diversification?Vardanyan, Erik
2019Interaction of emigration and immigration with foreign direct investment, international trade and remittancesMihi-Ramirez, Antonio; Sobierajc, Janusz; Garcia-Rodriguez, Yolanda
2019Markets are a function of language: Notes on a narrative economicsHolmes, Douglas R.
2019The macroeconomic consequences of artificial intelligence: A theoretical frameworkHuang, Xu; Hu, Yan; Dong, Zhiqiang
2019A replication of "The long-run impact of foreign aid in 36 African countries: Insights from multivariate time series analysis" (Oxford Bulletin of Statistics and Economics, 2014)Roger, Lionel
2019Does fiscal consolidation hurt economic growth? Empirical evidence from Spanish regionsLago Peñas, Santiago; Vaquero-Garcia, Alberto; Sanchez-Fernandez, Patricio; Lopez-Bermudez, Beatriz
2019Home advantage in European international soccer: Which dimension of distance matters?van Damme, Nils; Baert, Stijn
2019Thoughts on the demise of FDIDavies, Ronald B.
Collection's Items (Sorted by Title in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 785
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