UPSE Discussion Papers, University of the Philippines

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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2017 Memoir: The founding of PIDSSicat, Gerardo P.
2017 Competition, regulation and institutional qualityFabella, Raul V.
2016 Conglopolistic competition in small emerging economies: When large and diversified is beautifulFabella, Raul V.
2016 WASH for child health: Some evidence in support of public intervention in the PhilippinesCapuno, Joseph J.; Tan, Carlos Antonio R.; Javier, Xylee
2016 Threshold bank-run equilibrium in dynamic gamesBalanquit, Romeo Matthew
2016 Why fixed rent contracts are less prevalent: Weak third party enforcement and endogenous principal typeFabella, Raul V.
2016 Groups, norms and endogenous membershipFabella, Raul V.
2016 Behavioral polymorphism in Bayesian gamesFabella, Raul V.
2016 Comprehensive tax reform in the Philippines: Principles, history and recommendationsReside, Renato E.; Burns, Lee
2016 Government "underspending" in perspective: Incompetence, inertia, or indigestion?Monsod, Toby C.
2016 Procurement auctions with interdependent values and affiliated signalsBalanquit, RM; Kimwell, MJM
2016 Common belief revisitedBalanquit, Romeo Matthew
2016 Climate change, dengue and the economy ascertaining the link between dengue and climatic conditionsArcenas, Agustin L.
2016 Do regions gain from an open economy?Pernia, Ernesto M.; Lazatin, Janine Elora M.
2015 Household coping and recovery from nature's wrath: Rising from the ruins of YolandaRavago, Majah-Leah V.; Mapa, Dennis S.
2015 Risk management and coping strategies: Climate change and agriculture in the PhilippinesRavago, Majah-Leah V.; Roumasset, James Alan; Jandoc, Karl
2015 The mining for development framework for the PhilippinesMagno, Cielo
2015 Helping cost, assortative matching and production cycles in the dynamic humean farmer gameFabella, Raul V.
2015 Development dynamics in the Philippines historical perspectives: 1950 - 2010Alburo, Florián A.
2015 Gearing the Philippines for ASEAN economic communityAlburo, Florian A.
Collection's Items (Sorted by Title in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 156