UPSE Discussion Papers, University of the Philippines

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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2019 Power industry disruptors and prospects of the electricity demand in the greater Metro-Manila areaFabella, Raul V.; Ducanes, Geoffrey
2019 Prospects of Philippine migrationTan, Edita A.
2018 Export promotion policy and economic growth in the Philippines: A comparative contextAlburo, Florian A.
2018 Establishing the link between poverty and changes in climatic conditions in the PhilippinesArcenas, Agustin L.
2018 Determining the inflationary effects of El Niño and La Niña in the PhilippinesArcenas, Agustin L.
2018 Federalism and inclusion in developing economiesFabella, Raul V.; Daway-Ducanes, Sarah Lynne
2018 On the emerging challenges in the services industry: Trade and investmentAlburo, Florian A.
2017 Memoir: The founding of PIDSSicat, Gerardo P.
2017 Competition, regulation and institutional qualityFabella, Raul V.
2017 Factors associated with the delay in seeking inpatient and outpatient care services in the PhilippinesCapuno, JJ; Kraft, AD; Poco, LC; Quimbo, SA; Tan, CAR
2017 Measuring trade costs and gains from trade facilitation in the PhilippinesClarete, Ramon L.
2017 Awards and rewards: Evidence from an evaluation of the Metrobank's search for outstanding teachersRavago, Majah-Leah V.; Mapa, Dennis S.
2017 Impure altruism and other donor attraction factors: A study based on a database of non-government organizations (NGOs) in the PhilippinesReside, Renato E.
2017 Violent conflicts in ARMM: Probing the factors related to local political, identity, and shadow-economy hostilitiesCapuno, Joseph J.
2017 Quality of growth and poverty incidence in low income countries: The role of manufacturingDaway, Sarah Lynne S.; Ducanes, Geoffrey M.; Fabella, Raul V.
2016 Conglopolistic competition in small emerging economies: When large and diversified is beautifulFabella, Raul V.
2016 WASH for child health: Some evidence in support of public intervention in the PhilippinesCapuno, Joseph J.; Tan, Carlos Antonio R.; Javier, Xylee
2016 Threshold bank-run equilibrium in dynamic gamesBalanquit, Romeo Matthew
2016 Why fixed rent contracts are less prevalent: Weak third party enforcement and endogenous principal typeFabella, Raul V.
2016 Groups, norms and endogenous membershipFabella, Raul V.
Collection's Items (Sorted by Title in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 169