RF Berlin – CReAM Discussion Paper Series, Rockwool Foundation Berlin (RF Berlin) and Centre for Research & Analysis of Migration (CReAM)

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2024Unintended Consequences of Money-Laundering RegulationsColella, Fabrizio; Maskus, Keith; Peri, Alessandro
2024Global Labor Market PowerAmodio, Francesco; Brancati, Emanuele; Brummond, Peter; de Roux, Nicolas; Di Maio, Michele
2024Immigrant Diversity and Long-Run DevelopmentMinale, Luigi; Rocha, Rudi; Vigna, Bruno
2024Persistent Effects of Social Program Participation on the Third GenerationDahl, Gordon; Gielen, Anne
2024Homeward Bound: How Migrants Seek Out Familiar ClimatesObolensky, Marguerite; Tabellini, Marco; Taylor, Charles
2024External Pay Transparency and the Gender Wage GapFrimmel, Wolfgang; Schmidpeter, Bernhard; Wiesinger, Rene; Winter-Ebmer, Rudolf
2024Religion and GrowthBecker, Sascha O.; Rubin, Jared; Woessmann, Ludger
2024Diversity and Discrimination in the ClassroomAnderberg, Dan; Dahl, Gordon; Felfe, Christina; Rainer, Helmut; Siedler, Thomas
2023Black Empowerment and White Mobilization: The Effects of the Voting Rights ActBernini, Andrea; Facchini, Giovanni; Tabellini, Marco; Testa, Cecilia
2023Pension Reforms and Couples Labour Supply DecisionsMoghadam, Hamed; Puhani, Patrick; Tyrowicz, Joanna
2023Inequality and ImmigrationDustmann, Christian; Kastis, Yannis; Preston, Ian
2023Towards a Dynamic Spatial Microsimulation Model for Projecting Auckland's Spatial Distribution of Ethnic GroupsMondal, Mohana; Cameron, Michael P.; Poot, Jacques
2023Racial Discrimination and the Social Contract: Evidence from U.S. Army Enlistment during WWIIQian, Nancy; Tabellini, Marco
2023Capital Markets, Temporary Migration and Entrepreneurship: Evidence from BangladeshBossavie, Laurent; Goerlach, Joseph-Simon; Ozden, Caglar; Wang, He
2023Permanent Residency and Refugee Immigrant Skill InvestmentArendt, Jacob; Dustmann, Christian; Ku, Hyejin
2023Economic Integration and the Transmission of DemocracyTabellini, Marco; Magistretti, Giacomo; Magistretti, Giacomo
2023Uncovering the Roots of Obesity- Based Wage Discrimination: The Role of Job CharacteristicsDolado, Juan; Minale, Luigi; Guerra, Airam
2023Displacement Effects in Manufacturing and Structural ChangeHelm, Ines; Kuegler, Alice; Schoenberg, Uta
2023Gender Preferences in Job Vacancies and Workplace Gender DiversityCard, David; Colella, Fabrizio; Lalive, Rafael
2023Distributional effects of immigration and imperfect labour marketsCostas-Fernandez, Julian; Lodato, Simon
Collection's Items (Sorted by Title in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 469