Working Papers, Department of Economics, School of Management Sciences (ESG UQAM), University of Quebec in Montreal

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2024School choice, student sorting and academic performanceMunteanu, Andrei
2024Intergenerational persistence in the effects of compulsory schooling in the U.S.Galama, Titus; Munteanu, Andrei; Thom, Kevin
2023At home versus in a nursing home: Long-term care settings and marginal utilityAchou, Bertrand; De Donder, Philippe; Glenzer, Franca; Lee, Minjoon; Leroux, Marie-Louise
2023Financial development, globalization, and structural transformation in developing countriesAvoumatsodo, Komla
2023Evaluating the relationship between income, survival and loss of autonomy among older CanadiansConnolly, Marie; Konou, Akakpo Domefa; Leroux, Marie-Louise
2022The optimal design of assisted reproductive technologies policiesLeroux, Marie-Louise; Pestieau, Pierre; Ponthiere, Gregory
2022School closures and effective in-person learning during COVID-19: When, where, and for whomKurmann, André; Lalé, Etienne
2022Au revoir gophère: Creative innovation in golf course architecture, retrospective judgments of quality, and magazine golf course rankingsAckerberg, Daniel A.; Hodgson, Douglas J.
2022Advantageous selection with moral hazard (with an application to life care annuities)De Donder, Philippe; Leroux, Marie-Louise; Salanié, François
2022Zero-hours contracts in a frictional labor marketDolado, Juan J.; Lalé, Etienne; Turon, Hélène
2022Dynamic identification in VARsBeaudry, Paul; Collard, Fabrice; Fève, Patrick; Guay, Alain; Portier, Franck
2022The optimal design of pensions and financial education, when individuals are biased and naiveCanta, Chiara; Leroux, Marie-Louise
2021SVARs in the frequency domain using a continuum of restrictionsGuay, Alain; Pelgrin, Florian
2021Italian labour frictions and wage rigidities in an estimated DSGEDiwambuena, Josué; Fonseca, Raquel; Schubert, Stefan Franz
2021The fiscal and welfare effects of policy responses to the Covid-19 school closuresFuchs-Schündeln, Nicola; Krueger, Dirk; Kurmann, André; Lalé, Etienne; Ludwig, Alexander; Popova, Irina
2021Cultural and public services as factors of city resilience? Evidence from big plant closures and downsizingBehrens, Kristian; Drabo, Manassé; Mayneris, Florian
2021Nursing home aversion post-pandemic: Implications for savings and long-term care policyAchou, Bertrand; De Donder, Philippe; Glenzer, Franca; Lee, Minjoon; Leroux, Marie-Louise
2021Age and health related inheritance taxationLeroux, Marie-Louise; Pestieau, Pierre
2021Stress and retirementFonseca, Raquel; Morin, Hugo; Moro, Ana I.
2021Self-harming trade policy? Protectionism and production networksBarattieri, Alessandro; Cacciatore, Matteo
Collection's Items (Sorted by Title in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 94