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2022 Choose France! Containment, circulation and postcolonial (dis)continuities in transnational educationBobée, Alice; Kleibert, Jana Maria
2022 Subjektive Rationalität : Die Suche nach visuell wahrnehmbaren Ordnungsprinzipien in der Stadtforschung bis 1975Brünenberg, Stefanie
2022 A new framework to understand the drivers of policy mixes in multilevel contexts: The case of urban air pollutionEckersley, Peter; Harrison, Oliver; Poberezhskaya, Marianna
2022 Public procurement as a policy tool: the territorial dimensionEckersley, Peter; Flynn, Anthony; Lakoma, Katarzyna; Ferry, Laurence
2022 How do local factors shape transformation pathways towards climate-neutral and resilient cities?Haupt, Wolfgang; Eckersley, Peter; Irmisch, Janne; Kern, Kristine
2022 From climate policy pioneers to climate policy leaders? The examples of the eastern German cities of Potsdam and RostockHaupt, Wolfgang; Kern, Kristine; Irmisch, Janne Lis
2022 Assessing the Potential of Social Innovation and Local Agenda-Setting within Rural Development Programmes: Insights from Austrian Leader RegionsStoustrup, Sune Wiingaard
2022 Case study meta‐analysis in the social sciences. Insights on data quality and reliability from a large‐N case surveyJager, Nicolas W.; Newig, Jens; Challies, Edward; Kochskämper, Elisa; von Wehrden, Henrik
2022 Interpretation of Spatial-Temporal Patterns of Community Green Spaces Based on Service Efficiency and Distribution Characteristics: A Case Study of the Main Urban Area of Beijing, ChinaZu, Xiaoyi; Li, Zhixian; Gao, Chen; Wang, Yi
2022 From scandalization to normalization: conceptualizing the mainstreaming of far-right contestations in participatory processesNettelbladt, Gala
2022 Entwicklungspfade städtischer Klimapolitik: Bedeutung von Schlüsselereignissen und Schlüsselakteur:innen für die Klimapolitik in Potsdam, Remscheid und WürzburgKern, Kristine; Haupt, Wolfgang; Niederhafner, Stefan
2022 ‘When creativity gets you fired—why professionals tasked with innovation employ subversion when facing competing institutional demands in hybrid organizations’Vogelgsang, Lukas
2022 Rendering Affective Atmospheres: The Visual Construction of Spatial Knowledge About Urban Development ProjectsMélix, Sophie; Christmann, Gabriela
2022 Public goods, public value and public audit: the Redmond review and English local governmentMurphy, Peter; Lakoma, Katarzyna; Eckersley, Peter; Dom, Bernard Kofi; Jones, Martin
2022 The global division of labour as enduring archipelago: thinking through the spatiality of ‘globalisation in reverse’van Meeteren, Michiel; Kleibert, Jana
2022 Renderings: Bildwelten zur Legitimation von spekulativen Stadtentwicklungsprojekten in Lagos und New YorkMélix, Sophie
2022 Gateway cities for transnational higher education? Doha, Dubai and Ras al‐Khaimah as regional amplifiers in networks of the ‘global knowledge‐based economy’Rottleb, Tim
2022 O (nie)potrzebności humanistykiPopiołek-Roßkamp, Małgorzata
2022 Refugee migration from Ukraine to other parts of Europe: Challenges to the housing-integration intersection at the city levelHaase, Annegret; Allsopp, Harriet; Arroyo, Ivette; Franz, Yvonne; Laksevics, Karlis; Lazarenko, Valeria; Nasya, Bahanur; Raubisko, Ieva; Reeger, Ursula; Saadeh, Bana; Schmidt, Anika; Stevens, Ulrika
2022 Circulation and containment in the knowledge-based economy: Transnational education zones in Dubai and QatarRottleb, Tim; Kleibert, Jana M.
Collection's Items (Sorted by Title in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 96