Working Paper Series, Canadian Labour Economics Forum (CLEF), University of Waterloo

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2020 Household responses to disability shocks: Spousal labor supply, caregiving, and disability insuranceLee, Siha
2020 Caught in the cycle: Economic conditions at enrollment and labor market outcomes of college graduatesBiécáková, Alena; Cortes, Guido Matias; Mazza, Jacopo
2020 The Great Depression and the rise of female employment: A new hypothesisBellou, Andriana; Cardia, Emanuela
2020 Effects of public-school choice on private schools: Evidence from open enrollment reformCohn, Ricardo Meilman
2020 Strategic self-employment and family formationLloyd, Neil
2020 Descriptive labor market outcomes of immigrant women across EuropeAdserà, Alícia; Ferrer, Ana M.; Herranz, Virginia
2019 How skills and parental valuation of education influence human capital acquisition and early labor market return to human capital in CanadaKottelenberg, Michael J.; Lehrer, Steven F.
2018 Family structure and child cognitive outcomes: Evidence from Canadian longitudinal dataFerrer, Ana M.; Pan, Yazhuo
2018 The effectiveness of consumption tax on the reduction of car pollution in ChinaArcila, Andres; Chen, Tao; Lu, Xiaolan
2018 Identifying the value of teamwork: Application to professional tennisDevereux, Kevin
2017 The gender gap in university participation: What role do skills and parents play?Foley, Kelly
2017 Unemployment, marginal attachment and labor force participation in Canada and the United StatesJones, Stephen R. G.; Riddell, William Craig
2017 Immigration and innovation: Evidence from Canadian citiesBlit, Joel; Skuterud, Mikal; Zhang, Jue
2017 The relative labour market performance of former international students: Evidence from the Canadian National Graduates SurveyChen, Zong Jia; Skuterud, Mikal
2017 Is there a tradeoff between ethnic diversity and redistribution? The case of income assistance in CanadaGreen, David A.; Riddell, William Craig
2016 The consequences of academic match between students and collegesDillon, Eleanor Wiske; Smith, Jeffrey A.
2016 The effect of house prices on fertility: Evidence from CanadaClark, Jeremy; Ferrer, Ana M.
2016 Evaluation of optimal unemployment insurance with reemployment bonuses using regression discontinuity (kink) designHuang, Po-Chun; Yang, Tzu-Ting
2016 Speeding up for a son? Fertility transitions among Asian migrants to CanadaAdserà, Alícia; Ferrer, Ana M.
2016 Field of study and the decision to delay universityFoley, Kelly; Groes, Fane
Collection's Items (Sorted by Title in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 22
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