Working Paper Series, Canadian Labour Economics Forum (CLEF), University of Waterloo

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2021 Welfare versus work under a negative income tax: Evidence from the Gary, Seattle, Denver and Manitoba income maintenance experimentsRiddell, Chris; Riddell, William Craig
2021 Canadian labour market dynamics during COVID-19Jones, Stephen R. G.; Lange, Fabian; Riddell, William Craig; Warman, Casey
2021 The intergenerational effects of economic sanctionsMoeeni, Safoura
2021 Endogenous learning, persistent employer biases, and discriminationLepage, Louis Pierre
2021 Innovative ideas and gender inequalityKoffi, Marlene
2021 Survey non-response in Covid-19 times: The case of the labour force surveyBrochu, Pierre; Créchet, Jonathan
2020 The Great Depression and the rise of female employment: A new hypothesisBellou, Andriana; Cardia, Emanuela
2020 Effects of public-school choice on private schools: Evidence from open enrollment reformCohn, Ricardo Meilman
2020 Caught in the cycle: Economic conditions at enrollment and labor market outcomes of college graduatesBiécáková, Alena; Cortes, Guido Matias; Mazza, Jacopo
2020 Strategic self-employment and family formationLloyd, Neil
2020 Household responses to disability shocks: Spousal labor supply, caregiving, and disability insuranceLee, Siha
2020 Automation and reallocation: The lasting legacy of COVID-19 in CanadaBlit, Joel
2020 Is increasing productivity COVID-19's silver lining?Blit, Joel
2020 Endogenous learning and the persistence of employer biases in the labor marketLepage, Louis Pierre
2020 Labor markets in crisis: The causal impact of Canada's COVD19 economic shutdown on hours worked for workers across the earnings distributionKoebel, Kourtney; Pohler, Dionne
2020 Initial impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic on the Canadian labour marketLemieux, Thomas; Milligan, Kevin; Schirle, Tammy; Skuterud, Mikal
2020 Covid-19, family stress and domestic violence: Remote work, isolation and bargaining powerBeland, Louis-Philippe; Brodeur, Abel; Haddad, Joanne; Mikola, Derek
2020 Waiting for recovery: The Canadian labour market in June 2020Jones, Stephen R. G.; Lange, Fabian; Riddell, William Craig; Warman, Casey
2020 Labour market flows and worker trajectories in Canada during COVID-19Brochu, Pierre; Créchet, Jonathan; Deng, Zechuan
2020 Labor market policies in a Roy-Rosen bargaining economyJales, Hugo; Yu, Zhengfei
Collection's Items (Sorted by Title in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 37
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