EAG Discussion Papers, Economic Analysis Group (EAG), United States Department of Justice

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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2019 Collusion Along the Learning Curve: Theory and Evidence from the Semiconductor IndustryAsmat, Danial
2019 Common Ownership and Airlines: Evaluating an Alternate Ownership Data SourceLewis, Eric; Chugh, Randy
2018 Simulating Mergers in a Vertical Supply Chain with BargainingSheu, Gloria; Taragin, Charles
2017 Forward Contracts, Market Structure, and the Welfare Effects of MergersMiller, Nathan; Podwol, Joseph
2017 Pricing of Complements in the U.S. Freight Railroads: Cournot Versus CoaseAlexandrov, Alexei; Pittman, Russell; Ukhaneva, Olga
2017 Three Economist’s Tools for Antitrust Analysis: A Non-Technical IntroductionPittman, Russell
2016 Upward Pricing Pressure as a Predictor of Merger Price EffectsMiller, Nathan; Remer, Marc; Ryan, Conor; Sheu, Gloria
2016 Tort Liability and Settlement Failure: Evidence on Litigated Auto Insurance ClaimsAsmat, Danial; Tennyson, Sharon
2016 The Strange Career of Independent Voting Trusts in U.S. Rail MergersPittman, Russell
2015 Sequential English Auctions: A Theory of Opening-bid FishingPodwol, Joseph Uri
2014 Search, Price Dispersion, and Local Competition: Estimating Heterogeneous Search Costs in Retail Gasoline MarketsNishida, Mitsukuni; Remer, Marc
2014 Bargaining Power and the Effects of Joint Negotiation: The "Recapture Effect"Peters, Craig T.
2014 Bias in Reduced-Form Estimates of Pass-throughMacKay, Alexander; Miller, Nathan H.; Remer, Marc; Sheu, Gloria
2013 Forward Contracting and the Welfare Effects of MergersMiller, Nathan H.
2013 Search Costs and Equilibrium Price Dispersion in Auction MarketsBackus, Matthew R.; Podwol, Joseph Uri; Schneider, Henry S.
2013 Filling Out the Instrument Set in Mixed Logit Demand Systems for Aggregate DataRomeo, Charles J.
2012 Shipping the Good Apples Out Under Asymmetric InformationCreane, Anthony; Jeitschko, Thomas D.
2012 Some New Evidence About the Effects of U.S. Antidumping Orders and Their Administrative Reviews on the Prices of Covered ImportNye, William
2012 Using Cost Pass-Through to Calibrate DemandMiller, Nathan H.; Remer, Marc; Sheu, Gloria
2012 Endogenous Entry in Markets with Unobserved QualityCreane, Anthony; Jeitschko, Thomas D.
Collection's Items (Sorted by Title in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 78