EAG Discussion Papers, Economic Analysis Group (EAG), United States Department of Justice

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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2019 Common Ownership and Airlines: Evaluating an Alternate Ownership Data SourceLewis, Eric; Chugh, Randy
2019 Collusion Along the Learning Curve: Theory and Evidence from the Semiconductor IndustryAsmat, Danial
2018 Simulating Mergers in a Vertical Supply Chain with BargainingSheu, Gloria; Taragin, Charles
2017 Pricing of Complements in the U.S. Freight Railroads: Cournot Versus CoaseAlexandrov, Alexei; Pittman, Russell; Ukhaneva, Olga
2017 Forward Contracts, Market Structure, and the Welfare Effects of MergersMiller, Nathan; Podwol, Joseph
2017 Three Economist’s Tools for Antitrust Analysis: A Non-Technical IntroductionPittman, Russell
2016 Tort Liability and Settlement Failure: Evidence on Litigated Auto Insurance ClaimsAsmat, Danial; Tennyson, Sharon
2016 The Strange Career of Independent Voting Trusts in U.S. Rail MergersPittman, Russell
2016 Upward Pricing Pressure as a Predictor of Merger Price EffectsMiller, Nathan; Remer, Marc; Ryan, Conor; Sheu, Gloria
2015 Sequential English Auctions: A Theory of Opening-bid FishingPodwol, Joseph Uri
2014 Bargaining Power and the Effects of Joint Negotiation: The "Recapture Effect"Peters, Craig T.
2014 Bias in Reduced-Form Estimates of Pass-throughMacKay, Alexander; Miller, Nathan H.; Remer, Marc; Sheu, Gloria
2014 Search, Price Dispersion, and Local Competition: Estimating Heterogeneous Search Costs in Retail Gasoline MarketsNishida, Mitsukuni; Remer, Marc
2013 Forward Contracting and the Welfare Effects of MergersMiller, Nathan H.
2013 Search Costs and Equilibrium Price Dispersion in Auction MarketsBackus, Matthew R.; Podwol, Joseph Uri; Schneider, Henry S.
2013 Filling Out the Instrument Set in Mixed Logit Demand Systems for Aggregate DataRomeo, Charles J.
2012 Adverse Effects of Patent Pooling on Product Development and CommercializationJeitschko, Thomas D.; Zhang, Nanyun
2012 Endogenous Entry in Markets with Unobserved QualityCreane, Anthony; Jeitschko, Thomas D.
2012 Incorporating Prior Information into a GMM Objective for Mixed Logit Demand SystemsRomeo, Charles
2012 Some New Evidence About the Effects of U.S. Antidumping Orders and Their Administrative Reviews on the Prices of Covered ImportNye, William
Collection's Items (Sorted by Title in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 78